Step aside, Avengers: Endgame. The Crest FORCE is the superhero ensemble team of characters that the world needs for a bright future!

Let’s Bring Back The Crest Team!

Years ago, advertising executives Manny Galán and Pat Giles worked together Saatchi & Saatchi. At the time, the agency had the account for toothbrush and oral hygiene product company, Crest.

Neither Galán nor Giles were on the account, but both were big fans of the early Herb Trimpe-designed Crest commercials starring the Crest Team. Made up of five members, the Crest Team bravely fought with fluoride to save the city of Toothopolis from the molar-threatening Cavity Creeps.

Galán saw an opportunity to carpe dentem (that’s a ‘seize the teeth,’ Mrs. Doubtfire reference) and modernize the premise of the Crest Team with Giles for the next generation. “We knew it was a concept ready for revival. If it was done right, the kids of a new generation would be reciting the well-known Cavity Creeps chant, ‘We make holes in teeth!’” Galán says.

Creating The Crest FORCE

Galán and Giles were intent to be as faithful to the original Crest Team in their outline for the Crest FORCE. “We wanted to make it gritty, but treat it realistically so that it would almost be humorous.” Galán explains, “After all, this takes place in a city called Toothopolis.”


Who made up the members of the Crest FORCE? They were the children of the original Crest Team that had all seemingly perished in the Molar Wars, a series of intense battles around Toothopolis. In a post-Crest Team world, the Cavity Creeps had constantly evolving dental tactics. Without the wholesome nature of the original Crest Team, the Cavity Creeps were free to employ innovative tooth decay methods and overrun Toothopolis.

However, their children were ready to take over as guardians of the city. They would employ modern orthodontic weaponry in the (never-ending) battle against tooth decay and the Cavity Creeps!


Designing The Crest FORCE

The pair shared their intentions with their boss, Gerry Graf, whom Galán describes as a “true genius in the industry.” Graf loved the duo’s passion and gave them his blessing to move forward and design the cast of characters. Giles and Galán purposely designed the characters in a The Batman Adventures comic book style, as they were both fans of Bruce Timm and Alex Toth. “We thought the visual style would work well for both the serious and whimsical moments.” Galán says.

Who’s who in the Crest FORCE? Let’s meet the team!



Bristle is the all-business team leader of the Crest FORCE. Like the rest of the Crest FORCE members, he wears a skintight uniform made out of shiny enamel. He carries a triangular toothbrush staff and wears an armored toothpaste cap helmet; a detail Graf particularly loved seeing on the characters. The final touch is a triangular shield that protects Bristle from attacks. The shield also functions as a way to jab into the Cavity Creeps and pick debris from in between teeth.


Think of him as the Robin to Bristle’s Batman. Scrub is Bristle’s younger brother and team’s comic relief. The soles of his feet are made of brushes. These allow him to glide at high speeds and leave behind a foaming trail of Crest wherever he goes, dangerous for just the Cavity Creeps!



Described as the kind-hearted, optimistic team member, Flossie’s special weapon is in her name. She carries multiple floss blasters, floss cords strong enough to swing from location to location and bind the Cavity Creeps.


Pronounced “FLOURIDE-AH,” Florida is the special forces officer of the Crest FORCE. On her wrists are gel paste blasters that can weaken the Cavity Creeps. Florida and Flossie are friends, but their fighting styles are fairly opposite one another’s — and they often butt heads over how to approach certain situations.


Enamel wears his toothpaste cap over his entire head. His face was horribly scarred from the Molar Wars. Much of Enamel’s body, with the exception of his indestructible fists, is vulnerable to attacks. Galán describes him as being “introspective and [someone] who would do anything for his teammates.”



Ortho is the brains behind the Crest FORCE. He is the last remaining member of the original Crest Team and retired from action after the team was ‘seemingly’ massacred. He’s always thinking up innovative methods and weapons for the Crest FORCE to employ and add to their arsenal.

The Cavity Creeps

Galán and Giles also reimagined these characters. They had hulk-like proportions that crumbled into nothing once defeated. The rebooted Cavity Creeps worked for a mysterious leader known simply as Decay.


Shelving Crest FORCE — Until There’s Reboot Interest!

The plan to launch Crest FORCE, as Galán recalls, was going to include a few animated teasers. The pair spoke with Paul Dini, from The Batman Adventures, to write a 48-page special. Giles and Galán even considered having Michael Allred, of the Madman comics, illustrate it.

Unfortunately, the Crest FORCE never got its proper presentation. Giles and Galán had a few conversations with contacts at Crest, but they left the agency before they could pitch the idea further.

“It’s one of the projects in our ‘What could have been!’ pile that I regret the most.” Galán admits. “We firmly believe this would appeal to generations, old and new, and would love to see this through.”

Luckily, if we know one thing about superhero franchises it’s that you can never hit reboot enough times. Galán encourages anyone at Crest reading this who has interest in the Crest FORCE to contact them. You can reach Pat Giles at his character agency Danger Pigeon Studios for more information, and summon the dental strength of the Crest FORCE!



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