Have you ever wished that someone could tell you what life would be like 10 minutes into the future? There’s a spokesguy for that.

Small business funding company Kabbage recently launched their first national TV campaign in partnership with ad agency Eleven. The spot stars actor Gary Cole (Veep, Office Space, Kim Possible, yeah that last credit is necessary) who possesses a seriously amazing ability. He knows what will happen to small businesses in the (very) near future. Need to buy 500 units, ASAP? As 10 Minutes Into The Future Spokesguy, Cole explains that it only takes 10 minutes to get funding from Kabbage.

More Than One Spokesguy


10 Minutes Into The Future Spokesguy isn’t alone. Financing from Kabbage benefits small businesses over a period of time. This is seen in 10 Days Into The Future Spokesguy, also played by Cole. He’s popping bottles because the funding landed the business a new account.


There’s one more Cole character in the mix — 10 Years Into The Future Spokesguy. However, he doesn’t get a chance to tell audiences what happens next to the business. He’s gotta catch up with the rest of the Future Spokesguys to figure out their narrative.

We Need 10 Minutes Into The Future Spokesguy

It may be 2019, but many small businesses struggle to get working capital quickly for their startups. True to the spokesguy’s name, Kabbage approves small businesses for funding in just 10 minutes. This is done through a fast online application process and the company’s lending platform that analyzes live business data from small business applicants.

What happens when a small business is approved? Entrepreneurs may access nearly $250,000 in Kabbage lines of credit.

Best of all? No fees! There are no fees to apply or maintain the line of credit. Approved businesses aren’t even obligated to take the money by Kabbage. Although, y’know for the sake of having a new spokesguy on the scene, we do recommend it.


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