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Peanut Jr. Grows Into Bart For the 2020 Holiday Season

Mr. Peanut may have had the most remarkable 2020 out of any brand mascot. The legendary Planters legume started the year with his death and has since come back to life — only to keep growing and growing through every season.

Pringles Debuts A New “Glow Up” Design For Mr. P

Over the last 20 years, the Pringles mascot — Mr. Pringle — hasn’t deviated from his signature style. Cans of Pringles feature Mr. Pringle with a big mustache, red bow tie, and parted hair atop his familiar oval face.

Boots Imagines a World Where Personal Cleaning Products Come Alive for a Great Cause

Ever imagine what our personal cleaning products would be like if they had sparkling personalities? The characters in the new Boots UK Christmas campaign “What the World Needs Now” are your typical hygiene staples with an animated twist.

Icon Design Evolution

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Icon Throwback

How to Play Ice Hockey with Ronald McDonald

Twenty years ago in 1999, McDonald’s created an ad campaign for the hockey game of the year. The two teams playing each other? It’s Ronald McDonald versus the McNugget Buddies.

AW Throwback: Swiss Miss

Yodel-ay-hee-hoo! Are you a longtime fan of the hot cocoa and hot chocolate company Swiss Miss? If so, you may recall Swiss Miss had an iconic character that represented the brand several decades ago.

Halloween Throwback: “Scared Silly” With McDonald’s McNugget Buddies!

The year was 1986 and Ronald McDonald, the iconic McDonald’s clown, found himself in a spooky situation.