He wore a blue and white striped conductor’s hat, couldn’t have been more than 10-years-old, and was able to engineer a train entirely by using… a box of Good & Plenty? We’re talking, of course, about Choo-Choo Charlie, the official mascot for Good & Plenty licorice candy.

Debuting in the early 1950s, Choo-Choo Charlie was an engineer who could operate locomotives on railroads simply by shaking a box of Good & Plenty in a circular motion. That’s one box, by the way. It only took one box to operate this train and its accompanying caboose where Choo-Choo Charlie’s female sidekick and her pup munched on the candies. As the trio sped along the rail tracks, they sang along to a jingle that seemed to keep them chugging along as much as their candy-operated efforts did.

“Once upon a time there was an engineer,

Choo-Choo Charlie was his name we hear.

He had an engine and it sure was fun,

He used Good & Plenty candy, to make his train run.

Charlie says, ‘Love my Good & Plenty!’

Charlie says, ‘Really rings the bell!’

Charlie says, ‘Love my Good & Plenty!’

Don’t know any other candy, that I love so well!’”

The jingle, written by advertising executive Bernard Russ Alben, was a hit with consumers. Suddenly, Choo-Choo Charlie was everywhere — on board games, in comic books, and even had a stint where he ran for (Class) President. He was more than sweet talk. Choo-Choo Charlie vowed that if he were elected, there would be Good & Plenty candy for all of his classmates!

“Choo-Choo Charlie, vote for President,

So kids will have a friend in government.

When he wins, we’ll all have lots of fun,

And there’ll be Good & Plenty candy for everyone.

Charlie says, ‘Love my Good & Plenty!’

Charlie says, ‘Delicious yessiree!’

Charlie says, ‘Love my Good & Plenty!

And a vote for Good & Plenty is a vote for me!’”

While Choo-Choo Charlie might have been phased out from advertising in recent decades, the candy is still a hit with fans. A young Jason Alexander sings the jingle alongside several other actors in a 1980s tribute to the original Choo-Choo Charlie commercial spots. There’s even a #NationalGoodAndPlentyDay celebrated each year on October 24th. Mark it down on your calendar now and don’t forget to share all your favorite moments with the candy!


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