Twas the night before Christmas… which just got crunk in 2k18. Oh yeah!

I don’t know what I was expecting when I sat down to watch Lil Jon’s single “All I Really Want For Christmas” featuring the Kool-Aid Man. I went in completely blind for the video created by mcgarrybowen Chicago. And, I am glad I did because this is a wildly wonderful, punch spilling, gleefully out of control, and — dare I say it with modern advertising — fun holiday classic.

Here’s how the story plays out in the 3:14 hip-hop single that absolutely slaps.


Before The Kool-Aid Man’s Arrival…

Lil Jon is enjoying the Christmas holidays in his festive abode filled with stockings and a train wrapped around the Christmas tree. The only indicator that things are about to go from “okay” to “okayyyyyy” is the cup of juice he’s sipping. The mug is shaped to resemble like the Kool-Aid Man’s pitcher. Oh, and the liquid is red too.

As Lil Jon sits at the piano, the liquid in the mug shakes à la Jurassic Park. The Kool-Aid Man bursts through the walls of the rapper’s home, and the pair immediately starts dancing and singing together. Well, Lil Jon dances and sings. The Kool-Aid Man shimmies and adds backup vocals here and there. “All I really want for Christmas is everything on my list, baby!”


Iconic Moments You Might Have Missed

It may be a Christmas video, but there are a ton of outstanding Easter egg-esque moments in this video for serious Kool-Aid Man fans.

Zoom in on the CDs and you’ll discover the Kool-Aid Man’s album name is “Holidaze.” Can somebody please burn us a copy?


“Feliz navidad! No eggnog! Kool-Aid!” Lil Jon belts out as he announces that his home is an eggnog-free zone. That animated pitcher with the big guy himself? A most excellent touch and attention paid to detail!


Speaking of everything Lil Jon wants for Christmas… Look at this knitwear! Not since the Pillsbury Doughboy debuted ugly Christmas sweaters have I yearned to don such fine apparel!

Alright, I spoiled about a minute and a half of this video for everyone. Grab your Kool-Aid, pour it in a green and red glittery crunk cup, and get low (possibly to the window and the wall) with this new classic.


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