This February, experts in the advertising space joined us for a roundtable discussion on how brands and agencies can better redefine female representation in brand mascots. It’s always refreshing to see brands step up to the plate and address these issues, and Otter Pops is leading the pack forward. The freezer pop staple has created new members of their Otter squad to achieve gender balance with the hashtag #ottersgoequal.

Die hard Otter Pops fans will remember the original Otters included Sir Isaac Lime, Louie-Bloo Raspberry, Little Orphan Orange, Alexander the Grape, Poncho Punch, and Strawberry Short Kook. Four new Otters have officially joined the existing lineup with a total of 10 Otters altogether. Here’s a look at these new faces and the flavors they’ll be representing.

Cosmic Coconut

As out-of-this-world as her name suggests, Cosmic Coconut is a junior astronaut. She’s on a mission to go where no otter has gone before… space! (Any planet that has water is worth exploring in her book.) Cosmic Coconut is still a tweenager and needs to finish her training before she can blast off. When she’s not studying, she’s spending time with her friends like DJ Tropicool and Little Orphan Orange and exploring all of the sci-fi and space movies, TV shows, and music she can get her hands on.

DJ Tropicool

Fluent in bass dropping and sick beats, DJ Tropicool is a musical pioneer and a coding extraordinaire. He’s an otter of many talents, along with reppin’ the tropical Otter Pops flavors, but he’s also totally down to earth and happy to share his skills with other digital natives. DJ Tropicool loves to support his fellow Otters and is a master of putting together one lit playlist after another for Anita Fruit Punch’s volleyball tournaments.

Major Mango

Major Mango, reporting for duty! The face of the mango Otter Pops flavor, she hails from the Chicago River and is known for her willingness to go above and beyond in giving back. She’s out to help otters in need and is known for her bravery and big heart. If you ever need a First Responder, reach out to Major Mango! It’s highly likely she’s already using her parachuting skills to reach otters, and kids, everywhere.

Anita Fruit Punch

She’s the celebrity face for Otter Pops and even has her own catchphrase; “Anita Fruit Punch and I need it now!” Anita Fruit Punch is a pro beach volleyball champion who has a huge fan base that she loves hanging out with after her matches. What’s her other biggest claim to fame? She’s full of hilarious jokes, including knee slappers like this one: “If fish lived on land where would they live? In Finland!”


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