If you’re still on the hunt for the perfect costume to wear to the agency Halloween party this year, you’ve come to the right place. Why not go as a beloved brand mascot? From the ultra-charismatic Most Interesting Man in the World, to the iconic Morton Salt Girl, advertising pros at agencies across the nation weighed in with us on the top 10 characters that anyone could easily dress up as and make a big impression by October 31st.

1. Colonel Sanders

“I’d go as Colonel Sanders. The guy’s got style. White suit. Western bow tie. Vintage glasses. Got the ‘stache and the whole soul patch thing going on. And… He’s always holding a bucket of chicken. I mean, what’s not to like?” — Gary Greenberg, Executive Creative Director, Brownstein Group

2. Morton Salt Girl

“I’d grab an umbrella, a yellow dress and a container of salt to become the ageless Morton Salt Girl. There are a lot of instances where ‘when it rains, it pours’ is relevant in conversations!” — Kelsey Carney, Associate Creative Director, Cuker

3. The Most Interesting Man in the World

“I’d wear my fanciest suit, a collared white shirt with several buttons undone, carry a glass of whiskey neat in my hand, and I’d memorize a few quips about my worldly exploits as The Most Interesting Man in the World. The best part is when I switch to beer and announce to the party… ‘I don’t always drink beer, but when I do, I prefer Dos Equis.’ I imagine the groans and eye rolls would be plentiful.” — Alex Caldwell, Creative Director, Brolik

“To me, Dos Equis’ The Most Interesting Man in the World is the most amazing personality to dress up as for Halloween. The underpinning of his character is a suave, cool man who can do anything and is always the life of the party, even when what he claims he has done could be considered outrageous, outdated, or simply dumb. After all, he’s so powerful that he once built a city out of blocks and now thousands of people live and work there. He’s so omniscient that when it rains, it’s because he’s thinking of something sad. He almost broke a land speed record in 1977, but his beard caused too much wind resistance. He could even make the geekiest activity considered cool. This humorous, subversive device transforms even the most average Halloween party attendee into the best-dressed, most-adored candy-giver ever. You don’t necessarily have to be male for this character device to work! After all, The Most Interesting Man in the World needs a counterpart to share the stage with. Introducing… The Most Interesting Woman in the World. She once gave a speech to a room of thousands while she was in labor and delivered triplets 20 seconds after walking off stage. She has received a Guinness World record for the most steps clocked in one day in her Jimmy Choos: one million, two-hundred thousand and fifty-four. She designed and built her own airplane and flies her family on vacation to the South of France every other week. This Halloween, get candy my friends.” — Nick Gebhardt, Associate Creative Director, Adrenaline

4. The Squatty Potty Unicorn

“I’d be the Squatty Potty Unicorn! There’s just something horrifying and yet adorable about an ice-cream pooping unicorn, which makes it the perfect choice for Halloween!” — Kristen Goodin, Inbound Marketing Executive, PHOS Creative

5. The Miller High Life Girl in the Moon

“This Halloween, I’ll be digging through my closet for a round brimmed red hat, an A-line skirt and red leather boots. Wait, you’ve seen that ensemble before while enjoying a night out sipping on the Champagne of Beers. You guessed it: I’m The Miller High Life Girl in The Moon. I’ll be on the lookout for the Brawny Man to clean up any spills.” — Christina Oswald, Digital Marketing Analyst, Moncur

6. Cap’n Crunch

“One of my favorite past Halloween costumes was Cap’n Crunch. Anytime you can throw on a giant hat and mustache, you know it’s a good costume. Not to mention I still want to eat the cereal every time I walk past it in the grocery store!” — Lance Lemen, Director of Operations, UPBrand Collaborative

7. Sun-Maid Girl

“I’d be the Sun-Maid girl. I look like her, it’s an easy costume to put together and my son LOVES raisins, so it’s only fitting!” — Kristen Curtiss, Social Media Manager, Dalton Agency

“I would grab a red sunbonnet and a tray of fresh grapes to become one of the few women who has represented healthy products over the last 100 years — the iconic Sun-Maid Girl! She has been the face of Sun-Maid since 1915, with a natural glow that embodies the unique Mediterranean climate of Central California. Adding to her street cred, Sun-Maid recently celebrated its 100th anniversary as a grower cooperative made up of more than 850 family farmers!” — Shelley Burns, Marketing Director, Cuker

8. The Hamburglar

“I have done it before and I’d do it again — dressing up as the Hamburglar. His ensemble includes all the things I would kill to include in my day-to-day attire: horizontal stripes, red gloves, a mask, a cape and hamburger detailing. Plus, being dressed up as the Hamburglar basically encourages mischief which I take as a green-light to a good time.” – Kelsey Nelson, Director of Social Influence, FerebeeLane

9. Mr. Clean

“The only perk of going bald is that you can pull off a pretty good Mr. Clean with just a pair of white pants and a t-shirt. You don’t have to talk to anyone either.” — Steve Merino, Chief Creative Officer, Aloysius Butler & Clark

“Mr. Clean would be an instant hit. A white t-shirt, white pants, and a gold earring. I’ve already got the shaved head and forearms covered!” — Jerry Cavill, Senior Designer, Brolik

10. Miss Chiquita

“I’d grab a fruit hat, blue dress and heels to be Miss Chiquita. In a male dominated mascot world, she entered the scene 70 years ago and has been fun and festive ever since!” — Katie Lyons, Associate Marketing Director, Cuker


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