The last time we saw the Energizer Bunny, he was bigger, better, and bunnier than ever. Now EB’s heading into business as the newly appointed Celebrity Creative Director representing the PEEPS brand — and working alongside its own iconic Pink PEEPS Bunny — just in time for the 2018 Easter season.

The Pink Bunny, who serves as the Director of Bunny Operations at PEEPS, says that collaborating with the Energizer Bunny on their 2018 Easter product line was an egg-cellent fit. “It’s no surprise that Easter is THE holiday for PEEPS, and after 65 years we needed ‘some-bunny’ to help re-energize the brand’s product offerings and help us power up innovation.” (All areas that few mascots excel at quite as well as this drum-thumping hero, in our humble opinion.)

“Plus, he kind of looks like me!” the Pink Bunny said, noting that the duo shares an uncanny resemblance to each other.

As Celebrity Creative Director, the Energizer Bunny will be tackling a series of major production initiatives. One of the most major ones? Creating an innovative new look and feel for the existing pink PEEPS bunnies line. Much like himself, the sugary sweet confections are all getting their own pair of cool, black sunglasses. No word yet if a pair of flip-flops will be included for specialty reserve limited-edition designs.

The new line of PEEPS bunnies, and the Energizer Bunny’s role as Celebrity Creative Director, are set to go live on Sunday April 1st… And if you haven’t already guessed it by now, this is all a hare of a good joke. Happy April Fools’ Day!


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