The GEICO Gecko has a reputation for being one of the most articulate and well-mannered characters in the insurance industry. What happens when this calm and collected gecko reconnects with an old frenemy?

A series of four new commercial spots from The Martin Agency pits the GEICO Gecko against actor Will Arnett. These frenemies are going into overtime to upstage one another with their knowledge of homeowners insurance.

Dinner Party

The GEICO Gecko first runs into Will Arnett during a dinner party. He’s so surprised to see him he drops his cornichon.

As Will explains to the hostess, years ago the pair had big dreams about saving people money on their homeowners insurance. Wait: isn’t that the Gecko’s famous tagline? Did he just steal it from the iconic brand mascot? This reunion between frenemies is off to a heated start.

Hockey Ticket

In “Hockey Ticket,” the GEICO Gecko and Will are at a hockey game together. Maybe now will be the time they make amends.

Not quite. Will is frustrated that the GEICO Gecko is seated on the aisle. A concessions attendant walks by offering hot nuts and popcorn: bundle the pair together and save!

“Just like bundling your home and car with GEICO!” the Gecko declares. Will hastily tries to jump in with a bundle explanation but the attendant stops him and says the Gecko explained it pretty clearly.

Everyone at the hockey game seems to enjoy the Gecko’s take on home and car insurance bundles, from the concession attendant to the hockey players themselves. Will is not amused.

Mums and Scones

As the GEICO Gecko helps a friend move into a new apartment, Will arrives making what sounds like an impression mocking the Gecko.

Will quickly explains he’s doing an impression of their friend Dan, not the Gecko. His impression of the Gecko is met with amazement by all friends. They love it! The only one not thrilled, of course, is the Gecko.

Lost Dog

Finally, in “Lost Dog” the GEICO Gecko promises a couple he will help them find their dog. The catch? Will already did it.

Will then beats the Gecko to another one of his signature catchphrases about how GEICO has been around for over 85 years.

It’s fine. The GEICO is folding his arms against his chest, but he’s fine. It’s totally okay to have a frenemy like Will back in his life again.


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