The iconic namesake, and CEO of Jack in the Box, Jack Box is officially celebrating his birthday today May 16!

The celebrations aren’t limited to one day only. Starting May 15 through May 21, Jack in the Box fans and Jack Pack members can celebrate Jack’s Birthday Week with plenty of fun offers.

What Are Jack’s Birthday Week Offers?

Every day during Jack’s birthday week, Jack Pack members will be able to access exclusive offers on a wide range of Jack in the Box fan favorites. Check out the full schedule below.

Monday May 15 –Free hot coffee with the purchase of French toast sticks.

Tuesday May 16 – Two free tacos with any $1 purchase. This is to celebrate Jack’s birthday falling on Taco Tuesday.

Wednesday May 17 – Free churros with the purchase of a shake. (It’s the day after Jack’s birthday, so it’s a little bittersweet with an emphasis on the “sweet.”)

Thursday May 18 – Free Jumbo Jack with the purchase of a large fountain drink.

Friday May 19 – BOGO large fries in honor of FRIday.

Saturday May 20 – BOGO Jack’s Spicy Chicken Sandwich.

Sunday May 21 – 20% off a $10+ purchase. If you didn’t see an offer made on your favorite Jack menu item, now is the time to order it.

Little Known Jack Box Facts

Surprisingly, we haven’t covered Jack Box’s history in-depth all that much here at PopIcon. (He hasn’t even won one of the coveted spots on the Madison Avenue Walk of Fame yet!)

What we do know about Jack is he’s a mascot with plenty of lore behind him. You probably don’t know these fun facts about Jack:

  • How tall is Jack? He’s 6’8” according to his California driver’s license.
  • He’s an alum of Ball State University.
  • Jack ran for president during the 1996 election. In a national independent Virtual Vote poll, he beat former president Bill Clinton. No recounts were required.

Happy birthday, Jack!


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