Can you remember the last time the Progressive team took a day off?

Probably not! These spokespeople, including Flo, Jamie, Mara, and Alan, are famously known for their hard work and commitment to insurance. Even when working remote amid COVID-19, the crew managed to stay in sync with a series of fun Zoom meeting calls. They participated in team building activities like the game of “pass the mustard.” (This didn’t work out so well when Flo switched to mayo though, since Jamie doesn’t believe in that condiment.)

However, the creatives at Arnold Worldwide decided Flo & Co. have earned a much-needed day off. The quartet is beach bound in their latest Progressive commercial spot.

“Break From Work”

In “Break From Work,” the Progressive team is enjoying a relaxing day at the beach. Jamie sets one ground rule early on: there cannot be any insurance talk.

Alan and Mara readily agree. Alan brought along his inner tube and Mara has a magazine. They’re more than ready to chill out in the sun.

Flo laughs, but doesn’t reply. She’s Progressive’s senior spokesperson, after all! Can she really make it an entire afternoon without bringing up work?

Seconds later, a beachgoer laments how difficult it is to ensure his RV. Another beachgoer chimes in with similar issues facing their boat.

“Be cool,” Alan instructs Flo, who is starting to fidget with her sunglasses.

The beachgoers continue talking. They wish there was a way to group insurance payments for the house, car, and RV all together. Kind of like a… cluster.

Isn’t Progressive, y’know, kind of famous for offering a similar package?

Flo struggles not to say anything, but the beachgoers do keep saying “cluster” a lot. When one of the beachgoers laughingly doubt such a thing exists, she can’t control herself anymore. Forget about the beach day. Flo’s got work to do.

“It’s a bundle!” Flo yelps, “And it saves you money!”

Flo jumps out of her beach chair, yanks her signature white apron out of her beach bag (did you really think she would travel without it?), and runs through the sand to introduce herself and talk about the Progressive bundles.

“Super fun beach day, everybody.” Mara deadpans.

Hey, at least the good news is summer is just around the corner. There are plenty more beach days ahead and sequel opportunities for Flo to turn off work for the day, rest, and recharge. That is, we hope she can do it…


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