Stay thirsty, mis amigos. Who better to celebrate Cinco de Mayo than with the charismatic Most Interesting Man in the World? The latest campaign from Dos Equis rings in May 5th in style with “Spice Up Your Cinco,” celebrating 120 years of the brand’s heritage and the Mexican spice of life.

In this “Cinco Peppers” spot, the enigmatic man for all seasons munches on ghost peppers as if he were casually snacking on potato chips. A voiceover in the background reveals more about the legendary influence the Most Interesting Man in the World has on this famous holiday.

Attending his Cinco de Mayo party requires signing a release form.

It is said that the sun comes up later on the 6th of May — in case his parties run long.

This campaign also encourages fans to “Spice Up Their Cinco” and trade in their sombreros and maracas to seek the adventurous side of the holiday. One of our favorite things about the Most Interesting Man has always been the superlatives that surround him — because who wouldn’t want everyone to hang on your every word, even the prepositions? We asked members of the advertising community to share some of the phrases that they’re big fans of and the answers are hot, hot, hot!

He speaks fluent Russian — in French. 

“This one made me laugh out loud, more than the others, for the sheer outrageousness of it – speaking in one language so that you can be understood in another. Sheer brilliance!” — David Sheets, Public Relations and Communications Manager, Perficient, Inc.

The police often question him just because they find him interesting. 

”Now that is copywriting at its finest, distilling it right down to the essence of the character; a person of interest.” — Fabian Geyrhalter, Principal, FINIEN

If he were to punch you in the face, you would have to fight off a strong urge to thank him.

“I love this quote. It’s visual — his fist, my face. The metaphor continues with ‘fight the urge…’ And then, the kicker: ‘to thank him.’ It’s like a short story in one compact package.” — Patrick Scullin, Empathetic Adman, Ames Scullin O’Haire

He can slam a revolving door. 

“It makes one pause for a second and then wonder how they can do it too. And isn’t that what most marketing is about? Getting your audience to stop for a second and think about the possibilities. Also, I just think it would be fun to try slamming a revolving door.” — Aisha Cargile, Managing Partner, McCord & Cargile Marketing Resources

His words carry weight that would break a less interesting man’s jaw. 

“It stands out to me because it not only personifies words, but does so in such a bold and striking way that makes the Most Interesting Man seem both eloquent and dangerous.” — McKinzie Brocail | Digital Communications & Marketing,

He once parallel parked a freight train.

”I love this for its ridiculousness and simplicity; it paints a great picture.” — Scott Cirlin, Senior Copywriter, MDG Advertising

He lives vicariously through himself.

“For me, this is an all-encompassing phrase that describes his entire self-determined, enviable being. It’s especially dear to my heart as it’s reflective of one of the many, priceless quotes from my dad, “Never envy anyone anything.” A noble, if humanly impossible goal.” — Matt Lester, Executive Creative Director, Peppercomm

“That line best sums up the entire concept of the Most Interesting Man in the World. There is no reason to live vicariously through anybody else!” — Josh von Scheiner, Founder and Creative Director, VonShine Industries



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