Super Bowl LII marked a historic victory for the Philadelphia Eagles on Sunday night for sports fans everywhere. For those in the ad industry, watching the game meant tuning in for the debut of new commercials spread out over the course of four hours. We watched Amazon’s Alexa lose her voice, Peter Dinklage and Morgan Freeman engage in a lip sync battle of the brands (Doritos and Mountain Dew respectively), and Wendy’s take their Twitter beef with McDonald’s to the next level via the TV screen.

Some of our favorite brand mascots joined in the fun, with nods to previous Super Bowl appearances starring famous faces and new characters getting in on the action. We rounded everyone up, just in case you missed their spots.

M&M’s | Human | BBDO

M&M’s wisecracking Red is fed up with everyone trying to eat him. He finds a penny on the ground and makes a wish: to be human. Seconds later, he’s transformed into a human being — actor Danny DeVito, specifically — and delightedly dashes around the streets of New York asking strangers if they want to eat him. (Not surprisingly, everyone declines the offer.)

It’s a great day for Red IRL until he gets hit by a dump truck and goes flying into a fruit stand. This commercial doesn’t end on a bad note though. We like to think he gets away without a scratch thanks to DeVito’s energetic personality tying in with the candy campaign’s “always fun” theme. Although Ms. Brown is quick to point out that as a human, Red is still short and bald.

Bud Light | The Bud Knight | Wieden + Kennedy New York

Dilly dilly! The Bud Knight is a brand-new heroic mascot who rides into medieval battle announcing that it is time to do what must be done. That means… ducking into a convenience store for a pack of Bud Light.

See, he can’t fight because a buddy of his has a 30th birthday thing but if any of the villagers survive the war they can drop by. Naturally, they’re less optimistic that will happen so The Bud Knight draws his sword and quickly smotes the enemy. Cut to everyone cheering. Now there’s a friend you can count on.

Tide | It’s Yet Another Tide Ad | Saatchi & Saatchi New York

Super Bowl 52 will undoubtedly go down in ad industry history as the night of all the Tide commercials. Stranger Things actor David Harbour took to the many surreal spots with gusto, first winking bank to Super Bowl 51’s Mr. Clean ad. You remember the one — where he dances while cleaning a home? It’s a Tide ad.

And then there’s the spot that starts off with actor Isaiah Mustafa from Old Spice’s “The Man Your Man Could Smell Like” campaign. He’s joined on a horse with a bottle of liquid Tide and David Harbour. It’s still a Tide ad, everyone, still a Tide ad.

[yellow tail] | Big Game Surprise | Burns Group

Game night tends to be about beer, beer, and more beer so when wine breaks through the beer barrier, it’s always a welcome change of pace. Back for a second year in a row, [yellow tail] stars the Yellow Tail Guy and Roo, his kangaroo sidekick, throwing a surprise party for a guy at his home. Ain’t no party like a [yellow tail] party because these kinds of parties include kangaroos on the guest list.

Jack in the Box | #JACKvsMARTHA | David&Goliath

We gotta hope that no mascots were harmed during the makings of this commercial, right?

Alright, here’s what went down. Martha Stewart went on air to make a chicken sandwich that she bragged would never be found at a fast food restaurant. Jack from Jack in the Box sees this and immediately goes to confront her about it. See, Jack’s got a similarly inspired sandwich of his own that he says can go toe-to-toe with her sandwich any day of the week. Martha steps to Jack (removing her earrings, so you know it’s serious) as the two icons square off.

“What are you gonna do? Tuck me into bed — read me a cookbook?” Jack taunts.

He’s gone too far. Martha pulls his nose off and Jack freaks out. He can’t smell! The nose gets put back on, but this means war — Twitter war in #JACKvsMARTHA. We’ll see if there’s a follow-up commercial next year…

Mucinex | #SuperSickMonday | McCann

Rounding out the post game spots is the one that probably speaks to everyone watching on Super Bowl Sunday. Work is on Monday which means… calling in for #SuperSickMonday. Mr. Mucus gives everyone a pep talk to not do this, but just in case you genuinely do get sick, take Mucinex.



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