He wins awards for best actor… before the movie has been released. He lands the cover of a magazine … every magazine. Astronomers name stars after him… making him the namesake of the sun.

These declarations sound a little familiar, don’t they? Jonathan Goldsmith, formerly known as Dos Equis’ “Most Interesting Man in the World,” is back (from Mars, no less) and more fascinating than ever in Astral Tequila’s first creative campaign “This Calls for Tequila.”

Before the campaign launch, Astral treated viewers to a teaser video starring Goldsmith in 2017. He slyly noted that he doesn’t always drink beer, marking his departure from his former iconic spokescharacter. “I prefer tequila — Astral Tequila.”

Ad agency Erich & Kallman created the spots for the “This Calls for Tequila” campaign, which toasts to life’s most legendary, and expected, moments with Astral Tequila. After all, only the finest tequila (Astral Tequila, of course) will do to celebrate when you win an Oscar for best actor in a movie that hasn’t released yet.

From beer to tequila, we were fortunate enough to interview Goldsmith and find out more about how his character’s trip to Mars allowed him to reflect on life’s riches, who’s that butler joining him in the Astral spots, and what his new character has in common with the Most Interesting Man in the World. Bottoms up!

AW: Give us a glimpse into what your character in Astral’s campaign is like. Does he share any similarities with The Most Interesting Man in the World?

JG: My trip to Mars gave me much time to dwell on my past experience. I find I am more contemplative and perhaps more appreciative of the riches of life. I’ve gained the understanding and awareness that true character takes time.

The two roles are similar in the fact that both characters have lived an interesting and fulfilled life, something that I relate to closely. I’ve been blessed to have a wonderful life full of interesting people and memorable events. Both characters also share an appreciation of the joys of sensuous experience, the loveliness of the fairer sex, and understand the importance of friends and adventure. But a bit older in my new role, I also have gained an awareness of the passage of time. I need to share more of what life’s all about and that which I’ve learned in a long and interesting journey.

AW: From beer to tequila, did you find the transition across spirits to be an easy one?

JG: I’ve always been a man who appreciates good food, spirits, and cigars. As I’ve entered a new phase of my life, I’ve come to appreciate the full, robust flavor of Astral and find that it pairs perfectly with a wide range of dishes and is great for any celebratory occasion. Astral is a heritage spirit, meaning it is created from traditional methods that produces a unique and special expression of Tequila – the perfect choice for those in search of authenticity.

AW: You’re joined by a cheery butler as a kinda-sorta sidekick. Who is he?

JG: In many ways, he’s my prodigy. My aid-de-camp. A marvelous, always interesting child of curiosity. And I’m not sure — he may be one of my children. He always amuses me and is a wonderful pupil. He has a highly developed mind—possibly a savant—speaks numerous languages, is a gourmet cook and grand chess-master—he actually almost beat me once. He is never boring, can be a chick magnet under certain conditions—truly a renaissance man. I’m especially fond of him and have put him in my will, which I would rather not be known.

AW: What are some legendary moments you get to toast to where “This Calls for Tequila?”

JG: In our campaign, there are many moments that call for a glass of Astral. For example, celebrating the request from a Chief Astronomer to name the Sun after me or being notified by The Coast Guard that my shark, Philippe, returned. In my everyday life, I try to find something to celebrate each and every day. I’ve lived a life full of joy, excitement, and interesting experiences that I always celebrate with an Astral, of course.



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