Sunday February 11, 2024, marks Super Bowl 58 and brands, along with many beloved brand mascots, will be joining in the Game Day fun during commercial breaks.

For some mascots, it will be their first time appearing in a Super Bowl commercial. Other characters are long-time veterans making triumphant returns as seen through a variety of teaser spots which are already live.

Let’s see which icons are coming to Super Bowl LVIII.


The M&M’S spokescandies are back! Fans may recall that last year the characters made headlines for briefly announcing actress Maya Rudolph would be their replacement as the new M&M’S spokesperson.

This year, the spokescandies — alongside Almost Champions Dan Marino, Terrell Owens, and Bruce Smith and actress Scarlett Johansson — are putting their own unique spin on the Super Bowl ring. Their 30 second Super Bowl ad is for the “Almost Champions Ring of Comfort” where the diamonds are made from M&M’S peanut butter. (It’s actual science, they promise.)

“It doesn’t taste like peanut butter,” Yellow laments in the laboratory.

“Don’t lick the bling,” Ms. Brown tells him.


In my initial draft for this post, I was cautiously optimistic that singer Addison Rae would be coaching the NERDS’ actual mascots on dance moves for their Super Bowl spot.

As it turns out, I was correct! Still, nothing could prepare me for how excited I was to see these giggling characters take the stage to “Flashdance… What a Feeling.”

This is the first time Ferrara Candy’s NERDS are making their Super Bowl debut — and hopefully, they’ll return for more.


It’s officially time to see other sodas.

“Love Triangle” is PepsiCo soda brand Starry’s Game Day commercial debut starring musician Ice Spice and Starry’s two mascots, Lem and Lime. An unidentified lemon-lime soda is shocked to see his ex-Ice Spice enjoying the company of a new refreshing, crisp soda. So much so that his reaction, well, is kind of explosive.

This is the first Super Bowl commercial for Ice Spice — and Lem and Lime.


Language lesson platform Duolingo is on deck to run their first Super Bowl commercial on February 11.

And while details about this commercial are still largely under wraps, we feel confident Duo will be making an appearance. A “Superb Owl” like Duo simply can’t sit out the event on the sidelines.


The Clydesdales, Budweiser’s iconic mascots, are back for Super Bowl 58. Their Game Day spot “Old School Delivery” chronicles using a herd of horses to get kegs of Budweiser delivered amid snowy, winter weather conditions.

When they can’t see anything and all seems lost, a friendly pup guides them to the tavern on-time.

This year’s game marks the Clydesdales’ 46th appearance during the Super Bowl.


If you’ve ever thought actor Chris Pratt is giving Mr. P, you’re not along. Pringles’ Super Bowl commercial “Mr. P” shows the internet obsessing over the similarities between Pratt and Mr. P, the Pringles mascot.

Pratt can even unlock his phone using a Pringles canister… and the face recognition feature thinks it’s his face.

Vigilant Super Bowl fans, and Pringles lovers, may recall last year’s commercial highlighting why grabbing that last Pringles crisp is worth getting your hand stuck inside the cannister forever.


The E*Trade Baby, and E*Trade, are back at the Super Bowl.

“Picklebabies” features the E*Trade Baby playing a spirited game of pickleball with a fellow kiddo companion. They’re pretty confident they’ll be ready for whatever gets served up though since they have E*Trade from Morgan Stanley.

Like saving for retirement… or college, which admittedly comes a little earlier for them.


GEICO is pulling out all sorts of unusual stops ahead of the Super Bowl.

While the insurance brand will not be airing a commercial on Game Day, they will be releasing a 15-minute documentary called “Legend of the Lizard.”

“Legend of the Lizard” chronicles the life and times of the ubquitious GEICO Gecko like you’ve never seen him before. We get glimpses into the Gecko’s origin story from the official trailer, including a mention about how the Gecko’s family originally wanted him to become a doctor. Even the GEICO Caveman makes a cameo in it.

Speaking of the Caveman… he was under the impression this was going to be his documentary, not the Gecko’s. Do you think the title tipped him off that “Legend of the Lizard” wasn’t going to be focused on cavemen?


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