It was the year 2019 BC. You remember — Before COVID? Captain Obvious, the long-time spokesperson for, is reading a newspaper with the headline “2020: Has To Be Better Than 2019.” Standing in the lobby of a hotel, blissfully unaware of the year to come, Captain Obvious is suddenly greeted by a strange visitor. It’s… future Captain Obvious!

He’s seen into the future and… well… it’s kind of a dramatic year.

Future Captain Obvious

The latest commercial spot from shows Captain Obvious traveling back through time. His time traveling goes back approximately one year to 2019.

Pre-COVID Captain Obvious is initially ecstatic to meet his future self. Only good news ahead in the new decade, right?

Not exactly. Future Captain Obvious has warnings from 2019 BC Captain Obvious.

“Let’s just say it gets a bit dramatic,” Future Captain Obvious says. Then, he lays into the realities of 2020 that we’re all familiar with or dealt with sometime this year. No toilet paper, hand sanitizer, or sports.

Worse of all, trips are cancelled.

Just as 2019 BC Captain Obvious, understandably, starts to panic, Future Captain Obvious slaps him into holding it together. It’s gonna be okay! offers free cancellation. This is unlike most hotels, which require cancellation 24-48 hours before check-in. offers this option because, as Future Captain Obvious is well aware, nobody knows what the future holds.

Before Future Captain Obvious leaves, 2019 BC Captain Obvious wants to know if there’s anything else he should know about.

Future Captain Obvious has one more major reveal to share. He — we — are actually bald!

Yeah, let’s revise that newspaper headline for everyone. 2021: Has To Be Better Than 2020.


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