Why would a lobster voluntarily decide to submerge itself in a bubbling hot tub? “Lobster Hot Tub Party,” the latest GEICO commercial in the “Believe It” campaign from The Martin Agency, reveals that certain crustaceans keep their cool in hot water.

Babe… There’s A Lobster In The Hot Tub…

The commercial opens with a newlywed couple on their honeymoon. They’re relaxing in the hotel’s hot tub, but are perplexed to see they’re not the only ones in it. A lobster companion hangs out on the far end of the hot tub.

This is no ordinary lobster. He’s chatty, and a big fan of water jets. This nameless lobster appears to be thriving in a setting most of his peers wouldn’t be caught dead in.

“I can’t believe it.” The husband says.

“That there’s a lobster in our hot tub?” His wife deadpans without taking her eyes off of the crustacean in front of them.

The husband whips out his phone and reveals what he can’t believe — how easy GEICO made it to save big money on their car insurance.


A Claw-Some Companion

What do you really do when you’re in a hot tub with a lobster? Talk him up! The lobster, as it turns out, is an excellent conversationalist. Voiced by vocal talent H Michael Croner, the lobster’s thrilled to hear about true love. He even admits that he’s a bit of a commitment-phobe.

In the background, we notice a chef come out of the hotel. The chef is scanning the area, in hot pursuit of a specific swimmer. He can’t get far on dry land… so the hot tub is the only place he could logically be.

“Oh shoot!” The lobster immediately submerges his entire body into the bubbling water. Once the chef’s back is turned and he’s moved on, our lobster hero bobs back up from the water. He’s a little redder than before, but thankful he survived.

“That guy’s the worst,” the lobster informs the newlyweds.


GEICO’s “Believe It!” Ad Campaigns

This lobster spot makes another addition to GEICO’s “Believe It!” campaign. The campaign circles around the idea that some things in life are so awesome, you almost can’t believe they’re happening. Kind of like how GEICO helps ordinary customers save big on their insurance.

Our talking lobster is along for that ride. We don’t know much about the guy, but hope to see more of him in GEICO spots soon. He’s already clawed his way into our hearts!


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