Which GEICO commercial is the greatest of all time? Is it one of the spots featuring the Caveman? How about an ad starring Maxwell the Pig? Or, should the accolades go to the ubiquitous Gecko?

After 25 years of debate, GEICO has settled the score with “The Best Of GEICO” collection of their greatest advertising hits. This collection includes the top five GEICO commercials as selected by votes from the fans. Five honorable mentions are also included, and several character campaigns from Martin Agency can be spotted throughout the list.

Counting down, let’s see which spots made the top five.

#5 “Spy”

This 2015 spot starts off with a spy on a high-stakes mission. Stranded on a rooftop and surrounded by the enemy and a helicopter in hot pursuit, the spy takes the one call that could change everything on his cell phone. It’s… Mom?

Yep, Mom’s calling. She wants to talk about squirrels in the house. Meanwhile, the spy kicks and punches his way out of the situation while trying to keep Mom on the line. A voiceover says what we’re all thinking: Moms call at the worst time. It’s what they do. Switching to GEICO to save 15% or more on car insurance? It’s what you do. Good luck explaining your loud “Zumba class” in the background to Mom, spy.

#4 “Squirrels”

18 years ago, a woodland squirrel heard a car approaching and dashed out into the street. The car swerved to avoid hitting the squirrel. However, we presume that the car gets into an off-camera accident after hearing mild crash noises. The squirrel that started it all meets up with his pal. They do an elaborate hand slap routine together, clearly happy that they were the cause to the mayhem.

As the GEICO voiceover intones, accidents can happen anytime. Clearly, the squirrels are watching, waiting, and biding their time here.

#3: Caveman Airport

Created by Martin Agency, GEICO’s Caveman campaign debuted in 2004. The long-running campaign (and later short-lived TV series) featured Neanderthals circa the early 2000s. They coexisted in our modern world as evolved, intelligent versions of their ancestors. Ads used the tagline “so easy, a caveman could do it” to describe how simple it was to use GEICO’s website.

Opening with a nod to The Graduate, a modern Caveman arrives to an airport. He sees a sign advertising one of GEICO’s ads starring a stereotypical Caveman. Our modern Caveman’s reaction is punctuated by the lyrics of Röyksopp’s “Remind Me” playing in the background. Everywhere I go, there’s always something to remind me. Of another place and time.

The modern Caveman isn’t upset about the ad. If anything, he seems taken aback at how far they’ve come.

#2: Maxwell The Pig

2010 saw the debut of this very unusual little piggy. Actor Michael McGlone opens the commercial by asking whether switching to GEICO saves 15% or more on car insurance. A comparison is quickly made to the ‘This Little Piggy’ nursery rhyme. “Did the little piggy cry ‘wee, wee, wee’ all the way home?” McGlone asks viewers.

Cut to Maxwell The Pig, then the latest GEICO character in the lineup. He’s sticking his head out of the car window. He’s got pinwheels in both hooves. Yes, he’s excitedly saying “Wee! Wee! Wee!” all the way home. No, the driver doesn’t exactly share his enthusiasm.

#1: Hump Day

It was the 2013 commercial that launched a thousand GIFs and memes and was a major fan favorite. Voiced by Chris Sullivan, a camel roams an office asking all of his coworkers what day it is. At first, they try to ignore him but eventually break down and admit that it’s Wednesday.

In SAT terms? Wednesday is to the nickname “Hump Day” signifying the ‘hump’ middle of the week as humps are to camels. Naturally, this camel is thrilled about it. Will he do this every Hump Day from here on out? Probably.


  1. The SPY is the best Geico commercial yet, and I personally think it’s the very best one that’s been on television in years, at a minimum. I have seen it a zillion times, and still laugh when I see it! CUDOUS to the producer of this ad, it is just perfectly done — and having grown up in the Richmond area, I am VERY pleased to have just learned that the ad agency that made this ad is located in Richmond Virginia, NOT in NYC or the like!! SEE, you don’t have to be from one of the biggest cities to be the VERY BEST!!


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