For the last 70 years, one of the kitchen’s MVP products has undoubtedly been the aluminum foil must-have Reynolds Wrap. This year, the foil turns the big 7-0 and to celebrate, Reynolds Wrap is literally unboxing 70 years of foil hacks.

Since 1947, Reynolds Wrap has truly been a grilling and household staple and showed off its staying power no matter what the food trends of each decade looked like. The wrap enjoyed a “barbeque boom” in the 1950s as a fixture at the BBQ circuit and made a fright night appearance in the 1980s as teens all over the United States enjoyed homemade popcorn in foil pans while watching slasher films. You might even be able to credit this foil as the real reason why the Chicago Cubs were able to break their longstanding curse with a World Series win in 2016 since Wrigley Field was protected by a Reynolds Wrap rain tarp!

Since it’s officially the summer of 2017, let’s take a look back at how Reynolds Wrap celebrated summertime through the years. Here’s an ad from 1965 starring a “Festive Franks” recipe from the Grillin’ Fools. Read the fine print closely for extra tips on how to whip up super-duper baked potatoes and advice on keeping picnic salads cool.

Back in 1976, Reynolds Wrap had your back with a summertime survival kit. It lives up to its foil hack name here with tips for keeping everything cool from fresh flowers to ice cream cones. Even a sleeping bag on the ground could help insulate against ground dampness with the help of heavy duty Reynolds Wrap!

Check out this video from Reynolds digital agency, Havas, chronicling the “yums” and “yikes!” of food prep with a little added foil assistance. Here’s to seeing what cooking adventures lie ahead!


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