We all have moments where we wish we could fix what we perceive to be our imperfections, and we’re not alone. Sometimes even characters have these thoughts, like the jiggly squad in JELL-O Play’s new animated series “The JELL-O Wobz.”


Created in partnership with DreamWorksTV, every Wobz is a different flavor of JELL-O with a unique mold and personality. “Today’s parents and kids feel more pressure than ever before, and yet families spend less time talking about important issues like self-acceptance,” says Katy Marshall, Marketing and Sales Lead of Springboard, the new Kraft Heinz platform dedicated to nurturing, scaling, and accelerating growth of disruptive food and beverage brands. Marshall notes that the Wobz are here to help start the conversation and keep it going about embracing imperfections and making mistakes.


In the first episode we meet Bucket, a pale blue, dance-loving gelatin, that had his mold brought to life by JELL-O powder. He heads to the JELL-O Junction, a place where Wobz like himself can make friends. However, nobody wants to become friends with Bucket at first. His gelatin is full of oddities, from chocolate chips to paper clips, and Bucket worries his appearance is scaring other Wobz off. Meg (a pink Wobz molded from a measuring cup with a spout) quickly assures Bucket that isn’t true. At the JELL-O Junction, everyone has imperfections and they all “wobble their own way!” Before long, Bucket has become friends with other Wobz including Meg, the nervous Walter, and Nigel a “perfect” mold who learns how to deal with his own imperfections later in the series.

You can watch every episode of “The JELL-O Wobz” on YouTube and Amazon Prime. Each episode is less than five minutes long, making them the perfect bite-sized bingeable treat. Share the hashtag #JELLOWOBZ and #JELLOPLAY if you’re watching on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram and follow along with other Wobz enthusiasts!


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