Aloha, AW360 readers! If you’re ever flown via Hawaiian Airlines, you might be curious about the regal female face of the brand. Who is she? Fasten your seatbelts as we take you on a journey to discover the origins of Pualani, the Hawaiian Airlines icon, and her recent logo design refresh.

Since the 1970s, Pualani has been present in advertising for the airlines serving as a beacon for Hawaiian hospitality and the brand’s commitment to elevated service. As the “Flower of the Sky,” her look has evolved over the decades to reflect the changing times.

Pualani’s latest logo redesign borrows a few elements from her last update in 2001. She maintains a welcoming smile and proud gaze and the color purple is used prominently within her palette to reflect her majestic status. The 2017 refresh also moves Pualani to be framed against a setting sun, which is symbolic of the Hawaiian Airlines brand watching over their guests and crew.

Aside from her logo revamp, there have also been a few changes made to how Pualani is painted on aircraft. Now, she enjoys an even more prominent position on the tails of airplanes in bold, rich colors.

Wrapped around the body of the aircraft is a maile lei, which are typically used for special occasions. Here, they represent a warm welcome to guests and the promise of providing care, warmth, and generosity — hallmarks of the Hawaiian culture as well as the culture of Hawaiian Airlines.

We welcome you to our own mascot ‘ohana, Pualani. Thank you for choosing to fly AW360 Air — and please fly with us again.


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