The long defeated Trix Rabbit has only officially eaten a bowl of his own cereal three times.

His first bowl was partially consumed in 1976. The Rabbit dressed up as a balloon seller to trade balloons to kids in exchange for a bowl full of Trix. As he gobbled up spoonfuls of raspberry red, lemony yellow, and orangey orange flavors in excitement, the rope belt broke that tied him to the balloon stand. Tree branches overhead popped the balloons and the Rabbit landed on the ground in front of the kids. “Silly Rabbit, Trix are for kids!” they exclaimed and ran off with the cereal box.

In 1980, the Rabbit would get a second taste of Trix. As he prepped to snag a bowl in his most outrageous disguise yet, the kids beat him at his own game. They invited him to their treehouse for a complimentary breakfast. No gags, no tricks, no catches — just Trix! That is, until the kids tell the Rabbit to wake up. It turns out it was all just a dream. For the Rabbit, that’s one rude awakening.

As it turns out, the reason why the Trix Rabbit was even able to enjoy those few bites of cereal was thanks to a contest called “Let the Rabbit Eat Trix.” Kids mailed in their box tops along with their “yes” or “no” votes for a chance to let the Rabbit eat Trix. Both times the Rabbit won a resounding amount of “yes” votes, which resulted in those two commercial spots.

In 1991, the silly rabbit would savor his tasty breakfast cereal one more time after an intense bicycle ride during the Tour de Trix. The commercial spot opened with a bummed out Trix Rabbit disappointed that he would never get to enjoy Trix. A flyer for the Tour de Trix bicycle race literally hit him in the face with the announcement that the winner gets a silver bowl of Trix, “a fruity delicious part of a complete breakfast.”

In a flash, the Trix Rabbit dressed and hopped on a bike to ride. He had a ton of competition, but it’s for Trix cereal with Lime Green puffed corn pieces. That’s really fruity!

The race began and the Trix Rabbit fought to catch up to the other riders. He received a boost when his helmet blew off his head and his ears filled with wind, which propelled him past everyone else. He did it — he won by an ear at the finish line!

Kids cheered on the Rabbit’s win, but the judges fought over whether or not he deserved Trix. According to the commercial, it was now up to the kids to decide by casting their voting ballots once more.

Part two of the commercial spot announced that the votes were in… and the Rabbit won his Trix cereal! He hopped all over the place with joy and scarfed down the entire bowl. “I’ll never be the same!” he declared when he finished.

Russell Horton, a longtime vocal actor for the Trix Rabbit, has admitted that the Tour de Trix commercials have been some of his very favorites to voice.

“He has to have the same kind of reaction where he’s disappointed, but still hopeful about getting Trix cereal,” Horton says, “The rabbit may be down, but he’s never out.


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