“When stuff sucks, make it right!”

He’s purple, fluffy, and on a mission to make stuff, especially stuff that sucks, right again. Created by ad agency W+K London, Jackson the Muppet made his debut as the brand ambassador for UK mobile company Three in 2015.

Daniel Wolfe directed the campaign’s first full-length TV advert through production company Somesuch. The spot featured the puppet making his way through the city on a rainy night. He gets his umbrella stolen by a dog and his fur is soaked after being splashed by a car driving past. Defeated, Jackson gazes into a puddle and recalls the words of wisdom his parents told him before he left their home. “Make it right.”

Suddenly, Jackson is reinvigorated. Everything will be alright! A montage set to the song “It’s Alright” by East 17 ensues with Jackson comforting individuals in comically upsetting circumstances. The spot culminates with a huge dance party. The campaign’s message? The mobile industry may suck, but Three is taking a stand to make it right for mistreated mobile customer who were once just as downtrodden as Jackson.

If Jackson looks like he could be a Muppet, it’s because he is. Jackson was created by creatives at The Jim Henson Company and subsequently can’t walk alone without the help of puppeteers.

Members of Jackson’s entourage included a full hair and makeup team. Janet Knechtel had the distinctive job title of “Jackson’s Fluffer” and made sure that Jackson looked good and extra fluffy all the time.

What were some of Jackson’s favorite moments behind the scenes? He loved filming the scene with the car nearly falling off the edge of a cliff. The live snake on set also impressed him and he had a blast spending time with his dance troupe. But it was the dance party finale at the end of the advert that made Jackson so happy he couldn’t help but punch the air in joy. He wasn’t the only one either — everyone else in the scene joined him with their hands inside fuzzy costumed gloves.

Watch the full-length making-of advert here.


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