Have you ever wished you could punctuate a group text between agency creatives with a tiny Lucky the Leprechaun or Ronald McDonald emoji, but there’s none to be found? Yeah, me too.

While it’s not likely that we’ll be seeing brand icons included on our emoji roster anytime soon (we only just got tacos, after all), there are some mascots ad executives mutually agree deserve their own tiny icons. More than just being clever or cute, translating these 10 past and present favorites into their own emojis offers up a wealth of creative ways to use them in the agency world.

1. Kool-Aid Man

“Oh, yeah!” Rebecca Lysen, Creative Director at Phear Creative, says that the Kool-Aid Man’s tagline and image makes the perfect emoji for all those moments when you want to break into the conversation because you’ve got stuff to talk about.

He would also be the welcome mat of emojis, if you will. Ashley Purdum, Phear Creative’s Director of PR, would opt to use him when someone new is added on a group text to show the team’s excitement.

2. Lefty

Dustin Longstreth, SVP and Strategy Group Director at CBX points out that Hamburger Helper’s Lefty has proved that he can rap after dropping a solid mix. Now it’s time for him to lend his infamous helping hand for moments where you need to “get it done.”

3. The Siren

At Steel Branding, Director of Media Strategy Lara Baskin casts her vote for the infamous Starbucks mermaid to get her own emoji. Even if she’s not *technically* a brand mascot, she still deserves one because, coffee.

4. Mr. Peanut

Abby Allsop, Account Supervisor at Leo Burnett and Planters, says that Mr. Peanut’s 100 years of continued fame has more to do beyond being a beloved salty snack. It easily translates into an emoji with pizazz. “With his quick wit, charm, and style, his emoji would be universal. Having a conversation about attire? Mr. Peanut’s top hat, monocle, and cane will quickly communicate that you have all the class needed. Trying to impress someone with your quick wit? The Mr. Peanut emoji can be the universal sign of ‘man, I’m funny!’ And not only does he have these wonderful qualities, but Mr. P can also be the icon for when you’re feeling a little ‘nutty.’”

Well said, Abby. The fact that this particular peanut is voiced by Bill Hader doesn’t hurt either.

5. Energizer Bunny

Or, as Purdum notes, the brand mascot emoji everyone deserves for meetings that just. Won’t. End.

6. Charlie the Tuna

Sam Panico, Associate Creative Director at Gatesman+Dave, actually works with the StarKist account which naturally lends the need to insert a little “Sorry Charlie” emoji in emails or texts. But who couldn’t use a hipster tuna for a little shorthand declining every now and then?

7. Rich Money Pennybags

AKA the guy in the top hat from Monopoly. Lily Croll, Strategy Director at the digital agency Wire Stone, brings up the excellent point that no other brand mascot emoji-fied could celebrate payday better than him.

8. Chiquita Banana

Noelle Mulholland, Account Executive at Phear Creative, says this is the brand mascot answer to the red dress dancing girl emoji. You could use her for moments where sass is required in the commentary or to punctuate that you’re heading on a vacation.

9. Pillsbury Doughboy

For all the moments in life that require a silly little “hoo hoo!” giggle, as Eric Trow, VP of Strategic Services at Gatesman+Dave explains it.

10. Tony the Tiger

You could see this brand mascot coming from a mile away — always handy to have for when something’s “GRRRRREAAAAAT!”

Which icon do you think deserves their own emoji? Vote below:

Which of these 10 icons do you think is more deserving of their own emoji?

UPDATE: An earlier version of this article incorrectly stated that Robert Downey Jr. is the voice of Mr. Peanut. Bill Hader is the current voice of Mr. Peanut. The correction has been made above.


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