As part of our countdown to Advertising Week 2016 in New York City and this year’s Madison Avenue Walk of Fame, we’re profiling the winners from the past 12 years; here are the winners from 2010.

Michelin Man

Brand Represented: Michelin
Year Introduced: 1898

He has been compared to the Stay Puft Marshmallow Man from Ghostbusters and fellow Walk of Fame member the Pillsbury Doughboy, but when he first debuted in 1898 the Michelin Man appeared mummy-esque in appearance. Created by Michelin brothers, André and Edouard, the Michelin Man — real name: Bibendum — was originally modeled after a stack of tires. He drank and smoked in early advertisements, but still provided families with spare tire assistance.

As times changed, so did the image of the 118-year-old icon as a brand ambassador. By the time he was inducted into the 2010 Walk of Fame, the world was accustomed to seeing a stronger, softer Michelin Man. In 2009, TBWA launched a $20 million ad campaign for Michelin that employed its brand mascot alongside the tagline “the right tire changes everything.” Today, the Michelin Man continues to assist motorists with extra spare tires, keeping with the company mission to accelerate mobility and meet energy, environmental, and human challenges.

Vlasic Stork

Brand Represented: Vlasic Pickles
Year Introduced: 1974

What does a wisecracking stork have to do with selling pickles anyway? Plenty! In the 1970s, the national birthrate was dropping and managers at Vlasic dreamed up a Spokesbird to represent the Vlasic pickle brand, using the old wives’ tale that women often crave pickles during their pregnancy.

With his glasses, grin, and Groucho Marx-inspired voiceover courtesy of Doug Preis, the Vlasic stork was an overnight hit with consumers. Before being honored in the 2010 Walk of Fame, he joined iconic characters like Mr. Peanut, the Jolly Green Giant, and Chef Boyardee for a dinner in 2005’s “Icons” ad campaign from MasterCard and McCann New York. It’s also interesting to note that in 2010, the stork received a makeover from Omnicom’s Merkley + Partners. The edgy new look might not have panned out in the long run though, as the site and Vlasic fans alike still use images of the original stork along with his message that crunchy “Vlasic is the best tasting pickle I ever heard!”


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