Get ready to flavor stack like a pro! Pringles will debut its first-ever Super Bowl commercial advertisement on Sunday February 4th. Actor Bill Hader stars in the spot, showcasing how “flavor stacking” allows fans to take a few of their favorite Pringles crisps, stack them into ‘flavor stacks,” and take a bite. This transforms ordinary stacks into tasty new combinations sure to wow taste buds.

How many #PringlesStack combinations are there in total? 267,720! Grey NY, Pringles’ Advertising Agency of Record, came up for the idea when they realized that stacking crisps was all it took to create incredible new Pringles flavors. Some of our personal favorite flavor combos are below

  • The Kitchen Sink Stack: Honey Mustard, Pizza, Cheddar Cheese
  • Not My First Rodeo Stack: Ranch, BBQ, Honey Mustard
  • Single and Ready to Pringle Stack: Loaded Baked Potato, Memphis BBQ, Original

Grey NY brought on Documentary Now! Director Rhys Thomas to direct and Bill Hader to star in the “Flavor Stacking” spot. You can watch the full ad on YouTube beginning January 25th and follow along on social media with the hashtag #PringlesStack.

Here at the Icons blog, we’re especially excited to see Julius Pringle get a moment to shine during the Super Bowl. (The fact that he’s hanging out with Hader, who also voices Mr. Peanut, is an awesome brand mascot bonus.) Who’s Julius Pringle? Why, he’s the mustachioed caricature on every canister of Pringles!

The Pringles logo was first designed at New York’s Walter Dorwin Teague Associates company (now known as TEAGUE). Design Director Arch Drummond created the logo, which was inspired by old-fashioned bakery shop owners. This was meant to associate shoppers who bought the product with baked goods they knew and loved.

Julius debuted on the Pringles can in 1968 when the product was introduced. Initially, his male caricature illustrations included parted bangs, a twirly mustache, and rosy cheeks. Only minor updates have been made to the logo over the decades. Julius lost his rosy cheeks in the mid-1990s, but gained a dapper red bow tie in 2002. He is usually portrayed with a headshot, but every now and then you can spot his hand helping him pop a crisp in his mouth or popping open the seal on a new Pringles can.


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