On June 1, Carvel’s own Fudgie the Whale celebrated a sweet milestone as he hit the big 4-0. For anyone unfamiliar with the birthday boy, Fudgie the Whale is one of Carvel’s ice cream cake characters that inspired a signature ice cream cake made in his likeness. For the past four decades, Fudgie has been having a whale of a good time as the perfect treat for any occasion from Father’s Day to birthdays. Dive on in with us as we explore his biggest highlights along with the inside scoop on whether or not he really is the same cake as his Carvel buddy, Cookie Puss.

Owner Tom Carvel founded Carvel in 1929 and sold ice cream from his first ice cream truck. A couple of years later, the truck (literally) hit a bump in the road that caused a flat tire. Rather than close up shop, Carvel decided to sell his partially melted ice cream right where he was and business boomed. He discovered that people loved softer treats with a creamier taste — the type of ice cream we now know as soft serve! In 1936, Carvel created the world’s first soft-serve ice cream machine and would later establish his first shoppe in the same place where his truck broke down.

One of Carvel’s greatest signature creations is novelty ice cream items, particularly cakes. Originally, Tom wanted to have a fish cake for Father’s Day. However, after several attempts, he decided that it was a better idea to make a whale instead. In 1977, a fudge ice cream cake named Fudgie filled to the brim with irresistible crunchies was born.

The ultimate Father’s Day treat, Fudgie the Whale cakes come with the words “to a whale of a Dad” scripted in icing. Fudgie has gotten to be so popular that his cakes are used for a variety of occasions, with more than 50,000 cakes sold every year in Carvel shoppes. Fudgie also has a girlfriend, Ms. Fudgie, who can be spotted in select Carvel shoppes with pink accents and eyelashes.

Fudgie has received his fair share of pop culture shout-outs over the years including shows like SNLHow I Met Your Mother, and Family Guy. My personal favorite Fudgie moment was this one from a flashback episode of The Simpsons, where Homer splurges on a Fudgie the Whale wedding cake after he marries Marge.

One of the most famous debates in Fudgie’s lifetime has been the argument of whether or not Cookie Puss — another Carvel creation who is a space alien — and Fudgie are the same cake. Don’t be fooled by their similar-looking molds! Fudgie has a one of a kind mold and so does Cookie Puss.

Want to celebrate Fudgie’s 40th birthday with the big, cool guy himself? Check out the Forty Years of Fudgie page on the Carvel website where fans will receive a commemorative Fudgie the Whale plush toy with every $25 or more donation to non-profit Save the Whales (which is also celebrating it’s 40thanniversary!). Share your favorite Fudgie memory via social media by using the #40YearsofFudgie hashtag and find Fudgie on FacebookTwitter, and Instagram to send him a HBD message directly!


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