Since 1972, the green, leaf-clad Little Green Sprout has resided in the same Valley that the Jolly Green Giant calls home. Sprout has spent decades looking up to the harvest icon while proudly taking on his own initiatives to show kids everywhere how healthy and tasty it is to eat your veggies.

Now, he’s rolling out his biggest launch yet — Little Green Sprout’s Organics by Green Giant. The line of organic vegetables is set to debut at select retailers nationwide this fall, and takes a modern twist on eating all your (organic) vegetables.

Every product in the Little Green Sprout’s Organics by Green Giant line is an organic veggie version of existing Green Giant Veggie Swap-Ins. Working on meal prep for the week? Upgrade the experience by adding butternut squash veggie spirals. Seeking a savory side dish to include with dinner? Break out the garlic and herb mashed cauliflower. Not a cook, but still want to get in on the healthy eats action? Little Green Sprout’s got you covered with plenty of site recipes. These range from cauliflower pizza crust to Greek zucchini spirals.

Life in the Valley has been full of surprises ever since B&G Foods acquired the Green Giant brand in 2015. The Green Giant teased his return in 2016 with #TheGiantAwakens hashtag. He made his larger than life comeback in early 2017, with commercials sharing what he had learned during his hiatus. Most recently, the big guy arrived to New York City where he received his own billboards in iconic Times Square.

In the midst of the Green Giant blitz, Jordan Greenberg, Vice President and General Manager at Green Giant, has never forgotten about Sprout. Greenberg knows that while Sprout may be a small character — no bigger than a twig, if you’re curious — he is significant. “Sprout is approachable, playful, curious, optimistic, pure, and ageless and we wanted a product line to reflect this.”

“We knew the perfect platform for Sprout would have to be an extension of the Green Giant brand that captures all of his unique characteristics and what he stands for.” Greenberg says.

Enter Little Green Sprout’s Organics, where Sprout gets to express his enthusiasm for organic vegetables and all the good they can do for our diets with his very own products. You grow, er, go Sprout!


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