Hot diggity dog! Last summer, the Oscar Mayer Wienermobile hit the road to ‘meat and greet’ with fans across the country, all of which relished the chance to hang out with the 27-foot-long frankfurter. But did you know that there was more than one Wienermobile out and about? While loyal Wienermobile fans may already know six different Wienermobiles crisscross the nation year round, they may be less familiar with the other vehicles that make up the WienerFleet. This newly expanded fleet of franks were on a mission to get Oscar Mayer hot dogs, now made without added nitrates, by-products, or artificial preservatives, into hands across America. Let’s ketch up with each new addition and find out what they were up to last summer!

The OG of vehicles shaped like hot dogs, the Wienermobile started it all and led the fleet forward with a payload of 27,000 hot dogs. Wienermobiles are converted Chevrolet cars that measure at 24 hot dogs high (11 feet), 60 hot dogs long (27 feet), 18 hot dogs wide (8 feet in width), and 140,500 hot dogs worth of weight, at about 14,050 pounds.

With a payload of 100 hot dogs, the Wienermini packs a mighty punch for rapid delivery services. This vehicle has a need for speed combined with a removable bunroof and ability to nail quick hot dog handoffs on the go.

For every hot dog enthusiast that wished for off-road delivery, say no more. The Wienerrover is maximum attitude on four wheels. It’s not afraid to get down and dirty on rugged terrain to pass off six hot dogs to hungry eaters — complete with buns, ketchup, and mustard, of course.

Live in a metropolitan area, but still need your franks? The Wienercycle specializes in urban delivery with a griller’s dozen payload of eight hot dogs on every ride.

The sky’s the limit when it comes to the Wienerdrone! With a maximum flight time of 15 minutes, this drone drops off one hot dog at a time to satisfy even the hangriest of appetites.

2017 marked the official introduction of the Wienercycle and Wienerdrone to the WienerFleet. Together, the entire fleet went where other hot dogs could not in order to get a better hot dog delivered to you — all #ForTheLoveOfHotDogs. Where will this unstoppable fleet go next in 2018? Follow the hashtag — and their Twitter and Instagram handles — as the squad continues the Oscar Mayer mission of a better hot dog in every hand!



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