Raise your hand if you miss going to the movies.

As the coronavirus pandemic continues to sweep the globe, citizens are doing their part to practice social distancing and quarantine in their homes. It’s the new normal to work from home and avoid groups of 10 or more people. We have said a (temporary) goodbye to attending sporting events, music festivals, and live conferences. Simple pleasures, like working from a coffee shop or catching a matinee movie showing, are currently postponed until further notice.

Or are they?

Lance Ford, Creative Director at EP+Co, is the genius mind behind Brand Name Films. A fake movie studio that’s 100% an Instagram account, Brand Name Films turns brands we love into original movies. Finally, iconic brand mascots get their moment to shine on the silver (or streaming) screen across all film genres!

While the account only has 15 faux film posters, we rounded up some of our favorites for quarantine binge watching. From the Oscar bait to summer popcorn blockbusters, take a look at some of Ford’s original creations — and ask yourself, “Would I totally binge watch this?”

“National Lampoon’s The Littlest Caesar”

Starring: Adam Devine as our favorite “Pizza Pizza!” Little Caesar brand mascot.

Genre: Comedy.

The plot: After Julius Caesar’s untimely passing, his son Augie is named heir apparent… of the family pizza business. He’s ditching his pampered ancient Roman lifestyle to make pizza for the masses. Lots of creative and historical liberties are being taken here, folks. There’s a 90% likelihood of a 10-minute montage where Augie struggles to toss pizza dough scored to Sublime before he finally gets it just right.

Straight to movie theaters or streaming? 100% straight to theaters with major distribution.


Starring: Ryan Reynolds with a false putty chin as Poppin’ Fresh, the Pillsbury Doughboy.

Genre: Family.

The plot: The tagline reads “the true story of a DOUGH BOY who became a DOUGH MAN.” If Mr. Peanut is going to age backwards into Baby Nut, then the Pillsbury Doughboy all grown up isn’t a far off plot premise.

Straight to movie theaters or streaming? Neither. This one is going straight to the Hallmark Channel. That poster alone is loaded with feel-good family vibes.

“The Energizer”

Starring: Jake Gyllenhaal as Pinky, a man trapped in an alternate pink bunny ego.

Genre: Thriller.

The plot: Bear with me, folks. Pinky has a nerve disorder and needs to zap his brain with electromagnetic energy. That’s what helps create “The Energizer,” his sinister alter ego. Think Jekyll/Hyde with a little bit of the Crank franchise tossed in for good measure.

Straight to movie theaters or streaming? Apple TV would probably claim this one.

“Wilde Oats”

Starring: Leonardo DiCaprio portraying a side of the Quaker Man the world hasn’t seen before.

Genre: Possibly an erotic thriller?

The plot: The legendary Quaker Oats man encounters a mysterious (seemingly nude) woman in his oat field. Who is she? And what is this… sudden forbidden desire he feels towards her? And how did I even write a sentence like that?

Straight to movie theaters or streaming? This film screams HBO. It could be an original movie or expand to a miniseries if audiences crave more. Plus, DiCaprio already has an Oscar. Let’s expand his Golden Globe collection.

“The Tiger”

Starring: Michael B. Jordan as Anthony Croft. Also known as “The Tiger.” Look at all the ways this ties back to Tony the Tiger.

Genre: Sports.

The plot: Anthony Croft, a good football player, needs to be GR-R-REAT in order to play in the NFL. Sweat, tears, and a balanced breakfast will all likely play a role in getting him there. Will the legendary Tony the Tiger get in a mentor cameo?

Straight to movie theaters or streaming? Netflix for sure, but drop this one to any streaming site as fast as possible. The world is currently quarantined and needs SPORTS.

“What About Wendy?”

Starring: Emma Stone as Wendy and Russell Crowe as Dave Thomas

Genre: Comedy.

The plot: This kooky father-daughter team is about to experience a whole lotta fast food hijinks with their square hamburgers and Crowe’s commitment to method acting! Plus, we love to see Emma back as a redhead again.

Straight to movie theaters or streaming? Hmm… feels like Hulu and Amazon Prime are gonna duke it out for this one.

“Becoming Betty Crocker”

Starring: Emma Watson as Betty Crocker.

Genre: Spy action.

The plot: This isn’t the story of how Betty Crocker rose to fame based on her baking skills. (Betty herself isn’t actually a real character.) It’s about Betty Romanov, a Russian spy in Nebraska who falls in love with baker Charles Crocker. Will she choose to lead a humble life or stay loyal to being a spy?

Straight to movie theaters or streaming? Definitely movie theaters under the A24 production umbrella. It’s a little bit indie, a little bit zesty, a little bit campaigning for that sweet, sweet Oscar nomination.

See the full list of film posters on the Brand Name Films IG account.


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