If you’re not already familiar with the seaweed puff brand Sea Monsters, this kid-friendly snack will be on your radar soon enough. The world’s first puffed seaweed snack, created by co-founders John Lee and Jiae Kim (and inspired by their two sons), received a great deal of interest at Natural Products Expo West 2023. It will be expanding into Sprouts stores and other smaller natural retailers later this year.

The Sea Monsters packaging features a literal sea of zany characters. Shoppers picking up this snack may wonder who these undersea friends are and the personalities behind each aquatic face. Let’s take a deep dive — pun intended! — to submerge ourselves into the world of the Sea Monsters and some of the tasty puffs each character enjoys.


Finn is a young, mischievous flying fish with a slightly rebellious edge. He loves to play pranks and listen to loud music. In a scenario where Finn bites off more than he can chew, his good humor comes in to save the day. His favorite puff? Cheese pizza, please!


Pep is a ravioli starfish and the youngest Sea Monster. Despite being a baby starfish, Pep asks questions and wants to be part of everything the “big kids” do in the Sea Monsters crew. Pep prides himself on being able to eat a lot of food and stick himself into unexpected places.


Nina loves to take charge in the Sea Monsters! As the resident sea coral, she says her crown tubes prove she is in charge. Nina uses them to amplify her voice and take the lead in the group.

Stan Chin

Stan Chin is not your ordinary sea urchin. He’s lazy and doesn’t take offense to it either. Stan Chin will use his smarts to keep from moving and doing as little work as possible. Say, would you mind passing Stan some of the sour cream and onion puffs? They’re his favorite. Stan says thanks in advance!


The resident genius of the Sea Monsters, Brains is a brilliant brain coral. He wants to learn everything he can and is excited about the world around him. His other two interests? Spicy Korean BBQ puffs and his “thinking cap” hat.


Kiki is a happy-go-lucky pufferfish who enjoys the sweet chili puffs. Plus, she’s the go-to for anyone who needs a brave buddy. Should any of the Sea Monsters need her, she’s ready to swim over in a flash and puff to more than double her usual size.


If Brains is the uh, brains, of the Sea Monsters, Ollie is the resident optimist. He’s a flapjack octopus who is always positive and happy. When things go wrong, Ollie does split out a blob of black ink. Oops! But his silly smile will remind you of his charm all over again. Never mind the ink, Ollie!

Keep up with the Sea Monsters by visiting their website and stay tuned for when they’re on the shelves at your nearest Sprouts!


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