And the nominees are…

The world’s greatest advertising icons and slogans will take center stage on Monday, October 1st, 2018 when Advertising Week celebrates the most enduring creative works of the industry with a Times Square opening gala and the inaugural icon awards ceremony.

In addition to inducting the 2018 Walk of Fame winners, as voted on by the public, Advertising Week will also honor these amazing nominees in all-new awards categories, including:

Icon Millennium Award
Colonel Sanders (KFC)
Most Interesting Man in the World (Dos Equis)
The Kool-Aid Man
Geico Gecko
Mr. Peanut

Comeback Icon of the Year
Fudgie the Whale (Carvel)
Smokey Bear
Toucan Sam (Froot Loops)
Ernie Keebler (Keebler)
Green Giant

Rookie of the Year
Caramel (M&M’S)
French’s Mustard Man (French’s Mustard)
Sprout (Green Giant)
Cookie Guy (Chips Ahoy)
Mr. Bubble (Mr. Bubble)

#Throwback Icon Award
Ticket Oak (StubHub)
Kool-Aid Man
California Raisins
Mr. Owl (Tootsie Pop)
Trix Rabbit

Gone Fishin’: Icon Retirement Award
Geoffrey the Giraffe (Toys ‘R’ Us)

Icon For Good: Social Impact Award
Vince and Larry, Crash Test Dummies
McGruff the Crime Dog
“Chill Eggs” (Extend Fertility)
The Giant (Palau Pledge)
Miraitowa and Someity (2020 Tokyo Olympics)

Mr./Mrs. International: International Icon of the Year
QQ Penguin (Tencent | China)
The Gold Bear (Haribo | Germany)
Nipper (dog) (HMV | United Kingdom)
Jif Jaf Biscuits (Kraft Heinz | China)
Qantas Koala (Qantas | Australia)

Most Valuable Icon
Geoffrey the Giraffe (Toys ‘R’ Us)
Smokey Bear
Mayhem (Allstate)
Colonel Sanders
The Giant (Palau Pledge)

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