Let’s paws and celebrate the return of the Heathrow Bears this holiday season. This year’s official Christmas advert for Heathrow Airport has debuted from Havas London. And, it stars our iconic duo in a… tropical climate?

“The Heathrow Bears Return”


It would appear that the Heathrow Bears, Doris and Edward, might be content with a staycation in 2018. Their Sunny Days Retirement Village home in the Florida Keys comes with a pool and warm, December weather.

However, it’s still not quite the same as going home. There’s only a few presents under a skinny tree, unappetizing frozen dinners in the freezer, and a furry family FaceTiming in from overseas.


Doris and Edward, as it turns out, do miss their family beary much. As Paul Young’s “Everytime You Go Away” plays in the background, the pair pack up, dress warmly, and take a taxi to the airport.


They share a mistletoe kiss on the flight over, buy a few gifts at Heathrow Airport upon arrival, and get a ride to their family’s home. As the door shuts behind the bears, the camera pans over to the house’s window. It’s revealed that the bears are actually ordinary people who made it home for Christmas.

“It’s A Wonderful Flight”


This is not an uncommon theme in the Heathrow Bears Christmas advertisements. 2018’s “The Heathrow Bears Return” spot is the third in the series.

Its predecessors included “It’s A Wonderful Flight” which takes us from the swingin’ 1960s through the present in Doris and Edward’s relationship together in and out of Heathrow Airport.

“Coming Home For Christmas”

The original spot that started it all “Coming Home For Christmas” introduced audiences to Doris and Edward. At first glance, they do appear to be nothing more than teddy bears navigating airline terminals amidst human beings. That is, until the welcomed twist at the end revealed they were really adorable grandparents all along.


Where will Doris and Edward go next in 2019 and beyond? The sky’s the limit! Cheers and happy holidays to our favorite cuddly characters!


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