Move over, Willy Wonka’s Golden Ticket. Our favorite “magically delicious” mascot Lucky the Leprechaun is giving away 15,000 boxes of Lucky Charms Rainbow And Unicorn Marshmallows cereal!


Lucky Charms Marshmallow Only Returns With A Twist

Lucky the Leprechaun only gave away 10 boxes of his cereal the first time the Lucky Charms Marshmallow Only promotion ran in 2015. The fans gobbled it up and wanted more. By 2017, the giveaway returned with 10,000 boxes.

This year, winners get more than one of the coveted Lucky Charms Marshmallow Only boxes loaded with unicorn and rainbow marshmallows. They also receive membership into the elite ‘Lucky Charms Marshmallow Only Club.’

What’s Happening In The Lucky Charms Marshmallow Only Club?

Members of the Lucky Charms Marshmallow Only Club are part of an exclusive society. We only get a few glimpses of the club in this Lucky Charms commercial. There are secret handshakes, colorful coats, and cereal boxes that open up hidden passages. Behind the passage may or may not be one of Lucky’s unicorns!

I Want My Lucky Charms Rainbow And Unicorn Marshmallows Box!

Ready to see if you’re a winner of one of these limited-edition boxes? Now through summer 2019, head to and enter the code inside specially marked Lucky Charms. You can find the code on the inside panel of the cereal box.

If your code turns out to be a winner, guess what? You’ll get your very own Lucky Charms Marshmallow Only box shipped to your home!


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