There may be no greater love story in the advertising industry than the one between ad pros and their favorite brand mascots. A match made in heaven, or rather a brainstorming copy session, the affections for these characters has endured for decades with consumers and creatives alike.

Today, agencies throughout the country and even across the pond join us for an exclusive heart-to-heart about the love notes they’d send their favorite brand mascots this Valentine’s Day. We present this list in alphabetical order, accompanied by a punny poem penned by our own in-house Cupid: Roses are red, they grow along a vine, Kool Aid Man, Mayhem, and Tony the Tiger, won’t you be mine?

The AFLAC Duck

My love for you is not a quack.

Aflac-tionately yours,


— Lauren Sachs, Account Manager, Day One Agency

Captain Morgan

Sometimes we are on the rocks, but when we are together it’s always a good time.

— Christina Oswald, Digital Marketing Analyst, Moncur

Charlie the Tuna

Out of the whole tuna-verse, I want you to be my Valentine.

— Charlie the TunaStarKist

Chester Cheetah

Once a cheetah, always a cheetah. But I can’t stop loving you.

— Jimmy Dietzen, Creative Director, Cramer-Krasselt

Chick-fil-A Cows


— Ryan Smith, Account Assistant, Bader Rutter

Mr. Clean

Mr. Clean,

Ever since the Super Bowl, I can’t stop thinking about you. I’m sorry if this is a bit too flirty, but my house is very dirty. Let’s spend Valentine’s Day together!


— Samantha Stump, Assistant Account Executive, Day One Agency

Kool Aid Man

When I was a kid you kept things sweet,
When I was a teen I used you to tie-die sheets,
In my 20’s we rekindled and you won me back,
As a grown man you’ll give me a heart attack,
But I’ll always love you, your sugar is so fine,
Please crash through my wall and be my valentine.

— Johnathon Cramer, Director of Integrated Marketing, Day One Agency

Mayhem (Allstate)

Buy her flowers and protect yourself from mayhem like me.

— Lily Stockton (Associate Copywriter) and Joey McRobert(Junior Copywriter), Firstborn

Tony the Tiger

Easy Tigerrrrr.

— Ellis Sargeant, Creative Placement, The Sunshine Company

Roses are red,
This valentine is late,
My day could be good, but you could make it greeaatt!

— Jon Savitt, Copywriter and Social Media Manager, Punch Digital Strategies

Toucan Sam (Froot Loops)

Nobody can love me as well as Toucan!

— Eun Hee Kwon, Associate Designer, Day One Agency

Travelocity Gnome

Haven’t seen you since Jazz Fest.
(You promised you’d write!)
Looks like you’ve been busy,
A new stop every night.
Cancun, Kentucky,
and Copenhagen again?
Let’s meet up New Orleans—
Just say where and when.
Travel’s the greatest,
We all know that it’s true.
But whoever said ‘Size matters’
Never met you, boo.

— Jessie Magee at Trumpet Advertising


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