We’ve seen the Green Giant return to the Valley with a brand-new character design and Mr. Clean put his own spin on dirty dancing during the Super Bowl 51. Now, the legendary Gorton’s Fisherman is joining the revamped icons party.

Relaunched in a new campaign from ad agency Connelly Partners, the maritime mascot makes his grand entrance this month in a teaser spot that announces his yellow slicker-clad return with one word: “Trust.” (Short for the infamous brand tagline “Trust the Gorton’s Fisherman, get it?)

The seafarer is out on dry land and doing his best to apply his nautical skill set to the everyday — with mixed results in commercial spots directed by Saturday Night Live director, Mike Bernstein. In “Coach,” he enthusiastically dumps a cooler onto the head of a football coach during a big game day. However, this cooler contains water and fish on ice.

And in “Date,” the icon brings along a bouquet of fish for his big romantic night out.

However, in “Real Deal” hipsters at a bar realize that while they may dress the part, nobody’s nailed the original aesthetic of the bearded fisherman. Since his character’s creation in 1975, the Gorton’s Fisherman has been the real deal in the lives of “Busy Fuelers” AKA consumers on-the-go looking for a delicious meal they can make at home.

“This work is a celebration of the Fisherman’s one-track mind, and his confidence that lets us know he’s the slightest bit in on the joke,” said Steve Connelly, President of Connelly Partners.  “Our fisherman can be trusted for great, quality fish, but we can’t expect him to give up his dedication to fishing and act like the rest of us.”

Sure, the Gorton’s Fisherman may fumble a little on land, but his unorthodox methods still get the job done. After all, this mascot is still serving up plenty of authenticity and seafood expertise that’ll keep his tagline ringing true for the next generation and beyond.


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