If a brand mascot could take over your ad agency’s social media handles for the day, who would you want it to be? No, seriously: which character would you bestow the keys (AKA login information) to for your Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram accounts? From Allstate’s Mayhem hosting Instagram Live to selfies snapped from the M&M’s, advertising execs gave us a glimpse of the icons they’d put in charge of their agency’s social presence.

BuzzBee (Honey Nut Cheerios)

“I’d have to go with BuzzBee from Honey Nut Cheerios. Who better to generate buzz for an agency? Fans wouldn’t bee-lieve all of the possible puns. Plus, if social media trolls abound, Buzz has a stinger that will remind people to bee nice. — Ben Nesvig, Social Media Strategist, The Social Lights

The GEICO Gecko

“Our agency is built on a foundation of cool, confident, composed and Californian. If we had it out our way, we’d love to have the GEICO Gecko take over our social media feeds. Our current social strategy revolves around sharing images and videos around cool places (restaurants, hiking trails) and cool people (our founder, our support team). If the GEICO Gecko took over, we feel he would infuse a super-relaxed, low-key, feed-shaking flare into our social stream. He would infuse his laidback personality into the AG stream, giving our fans a consciously calm voice through which they could relate to on really crazy days and still talk about avocados, PR, and social media.” — Bilal Kaiser, Principal, Agency Guacamole

The Kool-Aid Man

“He busts through walls, yells “Oh yeah!” with crazy enthusiasm, and smiles like a fun-loving maniac the whole time. His memes would be next level, and that could definitely help our social game.” — Patrick West, CEO and Founder, Be The Machine

Morton Salt Girl

“We’re choosing the Morton Salt Girl over any other mascot. She’s got soul and there’s plenty of opportunity to tell a variety of stories that we’re sure would be captivating. Imagine walking past a real life version of the Morton Salt girl with her umbrella, the rain, and the salt? That is worth 1,000 posts!” — Steph Sebbag, Founder and President and Andy Robbins, COO and Partner, bpg

Mr. Peanut

“With his wit, style and charm and his fantastic peanut puns, Mr. Peanut would be an excellent addition to any Twitter or Instagram feed!” — Taylor Higgins, Account Executive, Olson Engage / Planters

Mayhem (Allstate)

“We’d love if Mayhem from Allstate not only took over, but hacked into our social pages. He’d disrupt our fans by trolling them on Twitter, host an Instagram live of him causing chaos to an unsuspecting family and switching out all of our profile images. After enjoying the hilarity, we’d sweep in and do what we do best—clean up the chaos.” — Steve Merino, Chief Creative Officer, Aloysius Butler & Clark


“The M&M’s squad would split up visiting each of our nine offices posting what they do best.

Red would go live from a client meeting where he’d be laying out his next brilliant plan as only he could.

Yellow would post selfies of his amazing creative work. (Of course the picture would be blurry and only include the top of Yellow’s head and maybe a small piece of the image.)

Green would share videos of her latest research showing what people love about her.

Ms. Brown would post an Instagrid showing off her analytical genius.

Orange would post a selfie hiding in a safe dark IT room where hopefully no one can find him.

And Blue would post snaps of himself staying cool during a crisis management situation.” — Christian Gaddis, Senior Account Executive, Eric Mower + Associates


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