Actress Candace Cameron Bure and StarKist spokesfish Charlie the Tuna have totally nailed it when it comes to red carpet award show events. The camera loves this glamorous pair. Charlie’s even sports a bowtie with his signature beret and thick-rimmed glasses.


The one downside to being in the spotlight is getting hunger pangs. Candace is craving a snack, but the duo are still getting their pictures snapped by photographers. Sorry Charlie? No way — it’s up to Charlie to save the day!

“Red Carpet”

Animated by Calabash Animation, the latest StarKist spot “Red Carpet” highlights the 20+ flavors of StarKist Creations. They’re easy enough to tear open, eat, and go. Whether you’re hankering for chicken, salmon, or tuna, Charlie’s got the StarKist Creations pouch perfect for Candace’s snacking needs.

Before they head inside, Candace reveals there’s a jalapeno-flavored StarKist Creations pouch inside her handbag. You’d be hard-pressed to find another actress on the red carpet with StarKist Creations and a fork to scarf down the protein-packed snack. Charlie looks impressed, and gives her (and the ceremony) a round of fin applause.


Lights, camera… action! Time to start the show!



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