Last year, Aldi UK’s Kevin the Carrot survived a cliffhanger commercial complete with a #SaveKevin hashtag. Kevin also defeated the wicked Pascal the Parsnip and saved his beloved carrot family from being cooked on Christmas.

Kevin is in yet another sticky situation as the 2019 Aldi Christmas advert starts up. A mob of angry Brussels sprouts, led by the villainous Russell Sprout, has tied Kevin up. He trapped against a kitchen grater in the town’s square — presumably to be shredded! We’re rooting for Kevin, but how can he possibly escape the sprouts?

The Leafy Blinders

Created by McCann London, The Leafy Blinders has consistent narration throughout the 70-second spot. This allows the viewers to better understand why Kevin is in hot water with the sprouts. According to the narrator, Christmas used to be about sprouts until Kevin, and all carrots, showed up to the holiday dinner table. The Brussels sprouts mob angrily crowds around Kevin, holding “Thyme’s Up” signs.

Kevin begs Russell Sprout not to do it, but it’s too late. Russell hurls a tomato at Kevin. However, what Russell doesn’t realize is that the tomato is a friend not foe. Tiny Tom chews Kevin free from his binding ropes, saving him from a “grate” fate. Kevin grabs his top hat and the pair dash away into the night together.

Before long, the pair have escaped the sprouts and arrived at a big top. Whatever is going on here?

The Amazing Aldi Christmas Show

Ladies and gents, it’s the moment you’ve all been waiting for. Kevin has arrived to host a Christmas Spectacular!

Some, including the creatives at McCann London, say he’s the greatest showman. His singing voice is particularly incredible, bearing a striking resemblance to UK pop star Robbie Williams.

What happens during the show? Several pies do a choreographed dance around Kevin. Tiny Tom gets flung into the air and caught with the greatest of ease by the Flying Tra-peas. Confetti pops in the air, and a turkey dinner is served as the show’s centerpiece.

What about Kevin’s family? They’re all starring in the show, too! Katie, Kevin’s wife, appears as a violet-haired acrobat. The kids all dress up as Santa Claus, standing on top of one another for added height.

Russell Sprout Returns!

The angry Russell Sprout arrives during the height of the show. What will he do next? Luckily, neither Kevin nor Tiny Tom skips a beat in kicking the unwelcome guest out.

Tiny Tom helps swing Russell in the air. He lands in a cannon where Kevin gives him a star to hold before he blasts off. Russell’s star gets stuck at the tippity top of the big top. The irate sprout has no choice but to hang around all Christmas during every performance of The Amazing Aldi Show.

Sounds like a delicious twist of fate, if you ask us. Watch the full commercial here!



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