On February 20, 2023, HungryPanda, the world’s leading overseas Asian food delivery platform, announced a new campaign including a new brand identity. HungryPanda’s new face is HAPII: a brand mascot who may be seen on HungryPanda packaging, marketing assets, and the HungryPanda website and mobile app.

Who is HAPII? Let’s find out more about the new face for the HungryPanda brand!


As the new face of HungryPanda, HAPII is a friend to all. The character is described as enthusiastic, happy (perfectly fitting the mascot’s name!), and always hungry for authentic Asian cuisine.

The executive team members at HungryPanda developed the idea of HAPII. The team wanted a happy face to be associated with the brand and to foster a happier experience for its riders, merchants, and customers.

Switching From Blue and White to Black and Yellow

The new HungryPanda brand campaign also incorporates visual upgrades to its related brand elements. This includes a change in the brand’s color scheme — going from blue and white to yellow and black.

“We chose to change our primary brand colors from blue and white to yellow and black for several reasons,” said Kelu Liu, founder and CEO of HungryPanda. “Because we are a delivery platform that relies on riders to fulfill and deliver orders in a timely manner, the safety of our riders is of paramount importance.”

HungryPanda conducted a detailed study and consulted several experts on the most visible safety colors for transportation. The results revealed yellow as the most prominent color, especially at night.

“The color yellow also represents warmth and optimism which reflects the kind of service we are committed to delivering to our customers,” said Liu.

Where Can I Find HAPII?

You can find HAPII keeping delivery riders and restaurant merchants company while they prepare, complete, and deliver orders. There will also be branded HAPII merchandise and dolls coming soon for all to enjoy.

Until this merchandise becomes available, HungryPanda fans can find HAPII, and HungryPanda, on social media. Follow along for more adventures on Facebook, Instagram, and LinkedIn!


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