The Monster Cereals icons, AKA the spooktacular trio of Franken Berry, Boo Berry, and Count Chocula are back to celebrate Halloween — and this year, they’ve brought along their special, spooky friends from General Mills. Presenting… The Monster’s Bash costume mashup!

Who’s who in this crowd, anyway? Here’s a quick guide to the mascots that dressed up to do their best impersonation of the infamous Monster Cereals characters.

They vant to share chocolate with you! Boo Berry darkened up his blue hues and added a cape to do his best Count Chocula impression. Joining him is a tower of Cinnamon Toast Crunch Squares and the Trix Rabbit — no fangs here though.

Is that a g-g-ghost? Franken Berry might need a sheet that’s a bit longer if he truly wants to be just like Boo Berry. Maybe he can borrow from Buzz Bee or Lucky — still easy to spot even in costume on his left and right.

This Halloween, electric pink and bolts are in — just ask the members of Count Chocula’s squad! The Count is dressed as none other than Franken Berry with Sonny from Cocoa Puffs nailing the heavy footwear and the tiny Pillsbury Doughboy standing out with his eerie-istible eyewear.

While Monster Cereals will only be back for a limited time, their celebratory bash proves that the breakfast buds that dress alike stay friends forever. See you at the bash!

Image credit: General Mills


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