Last year, Paper & Packaging debuted two new animated characters in their “How Life Unfolds” consumer campaign. The campaign, which launched in 2015 about the staying power and relevance of paper and packaging products, did not feature celebrities or influencers. Created by ad agency Cramer-Krasselt, the campaign’s stars were a humble cardboard Box and a simple stack of Paper.

Humans might take the presence of these items for granted in our everyday lives, but Paper and Box prove to be anything but ordinary in their commercial spots.

Box’s Mission: To Deliver

Few packaging products are the unsung heroes of our day-to-day lives quite like boxes. We use them to pack up treasured belongings, mail out gifts, and securely store precious memories.

In this commercial, a grinning Box springs to life off an assembly line. Box runs, leaps, skates, and even flies to fulfill its mission. A box’s job is about more than packing and sending items. They make sure the things we rely on arrive safe and sound. Mission accomplished.

Paper’s Business Pitch

How do you illustrate paper being everywhere, and providing us with emotional ties, like you would with boxes? The answer is to give it purpose.

For this spot, Paper is one step ahead of the business meeting. Paper leaps out of a desk drawer to prep tables with agendas, slip business cards into pockets, and pulls down posters for the room to view.

We tend to take paper for granted and may not realize just how much it prepares us for success. Paper propels us for productivity — and the character even gets a fist bump at the end acknowledging its hard work.

Bringing Paper And Box To Life


The team at Cramer-Krasselt immediately knew they wanted to include characters in the How Life Unfolds campaign. “We wanted Paper to come across as smart, helpful, and organized.” Scott Shulick, Group Planning Director at Cramer-Krasselt said, “Packaging, on the other hand, needed to be confident, strong, and driven.”


Photo realistic textures were applied to Paper and Box’s designs. This ensured both characters looked like their packaging materials. Each character was given their own unique personality and movements, all adding up to how paper and box act as heroes in our day-to-day lives.


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