Animal, the pork sausage mascot for U.K. snack brand Peperami, is back in the spotlight! He’s not alone either. Animal’s beefing up commercial spots with a little help from his new protein-loving pals, Chicken and Beef.


“We Are Animal”

Created by ad agency Atomic London, the latest Peperami advertisement “We Are Animal” features two new mascots. They’re both on board with Animal’s antics, and share a common goal to reposition Peperami as a must-have protein snack for the next generation.

Let’s get acquainted with new and old members of this trio, shall we?



Who are you calling Chicken, anyway? Chicken does it all. He dashes through a gym obstacle course, à la Kevin Bacon in the hit ‘80s film “Footloose.” His hashtag declares that the character is #Unstoppable.



Turn up the beef because our first introduction to the mascot is red-hot. Literally. Beef’s character is bright red and power lifting at the gym. He declares, “I am #Power” — even as he accidentally passes gas midway through the lift.



If you know and love Peperami products, you’re probably quite familiar with Animal and his larger than life personality. The icon has been around for more than 24 years and achieved a cult status in the United Kingdom. This is largely due to his portrayal as the patron of hungry blokes everywhere and his can-do attitude for providing everyday snacking solutions.

In “We Are Animal,” Animal isn’t afraid to test the limits of his endurance. He leaps from building to building, sails over a helicopter, and lands feet first on a rooftop. Each mascot is accompanied by a hashtag in the commercial spot. Animal declares he is #Fearless. He’s your main meathead when it comes to providing protein snacks to quell hunger/hangry pangs.

Peperami’s New Squad

Led by the creative team of Mathew Welch and Simon Welch, the latest Peperami spots are serious about their new flavors pepping up protein in athletic diets. The trio don’t mind remaining silly though. Watch till the end of the commercial spot to see, well, a bit more Beef than you thought you’d meat and greet.


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