Have you heard of Jif Jaf? Launched by Kraft Heinz, Jif Jaf is a line of chocolate sandwich biscuits that recently debuted in China. Also available in wafer packs and butter cookies, the brand is meant to target Chinese millennials who are caught in a tug of war in wanting to fit in but also embrace their differences and express their selves.

How does a biscuit help do to that, exactly? It’s all in the filling. Kraft Heinz worked with creative agency Jones Knowles Ritchie (JKR) Singapore to bring the campaign to life including naming and packaging the product and developing the brand idea. Jif Jaf biscuits combine unusual flavors — like chocolate and cheese — to create deliciously different combinations. They’re a little unusual, just like each individual person is, and that’s what makes them so special.

Biscuits this unique deserve their own mascots and JKR brought each flavor to life with its own character. Animated by Lightfarm Studios, these four characters are full of personality and experience plenty of wacky situations in their flavor-filled universe.

Big Cheese

Representing the cheese and chocolate biscuits is — who else? — Big Cheese. He’s a bodybuilder and a real heavyweight champ when it comes to lifting, if you couldn’t already tell from the photo above. The Big Cheese has also been described as a ladies man, but something tells us that even though he’s charming, his pick-up lines are probably a little cheesy too.

Cocoa Bell

A double chocolate biscuit, Cocoa Bell is perfect for any and all sweet tooth cravings. Her side of the Jif Jaf flavorful universe is one where sweets reign supreme and everything in her world is made out of chocolate.

Chilly Billy

Don’t let his name fool you. Chilly Billy isn’t cold, but is actually quite spicy. He’s a chili and chocolate biscuit and judging from the illustration, he’s hot, hot, hot! This character is a thrillseeker and risk taker, not unlike anyone who dares to snack on this Jif Jaf.

Mat Chakra

A combination of matcha and chocolate, Mat Chakra may be the most zen brand mascot we’ve ever had the pleasure of writing about. Likes: his yoga mat and peaceful hues. Dislikes: anyone or anything that could potentially throw off his vibe.


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