Earlier this year, we shared a glimpse at the Olympic and Paralympic mascots for the 2020 Tokyo Olympic Games. The official launch for the mascots was slated for Summer 2018 and the names of the characters have finally been revealed as… Miraitowa and Someity!


Who’s who? Miraitowa (pronounced as “miray-towa”) is the Olympic mascot in blue. The name of this character combines the Japanese words “mirai” and “towa” which translate to “future” and “eternity” in English. It’s fitting for an icon that is meant to embody old traditions and new innovations at the Games. Miraitowa’s old traditions are in the character’s natural charm while the innovations are found in its cutting edge aesthetic. Miraitowa is highly athletic, with the ability to move anywhere in an instant.

The name for Someity, pronounced as “soh-may-tee,” has a neat tie-in with its pink coloring. As the official Paralympic mascot, Someity’s name comes from the Japanese cherry blossom, “someiyoshino.” It’s also a play on the phrase “so mighty,” according to organizers of the Tokyo Games.

Someity is known for having the ability to stay calm, collected, and easily converse with natural elements like the stones and wind. This mascot loves nature and possesses telekinetic powers, being able to move things simply by looking at them.

In spite of their very different personalities, Miraitowa and Someity are good friends — and very enthusiastic about the Olympic Games. We’ll check in with them more in the coming years as Tokyo 2020 approaches!


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