Do not let this pleasant image starring Blue fool you. Something seriously awful has happened to the new M&M’S spokescandy icon, Hazelnut.


New Spokescandy

The latest M&M’S spot, “New Spokescandy,” from BBDO opens on a promising note. The candy industry is about to be introduced to a brand new M&M spokescandy. He’s Hazelnut, named after the delicious taste of hazelnut spread, with a personality yet TBD.

The curtain lifts and the lights go up. There on the stage before us… is a pile of shoes and gloves. They are fit for an M&M, but there is no M&M. Hazelnut is nowhere to be found.


Suddenly, the camera pans over to the rest of the M&M’S spokescandies. Red, Yellow, Blue, Green, and Orange are all standing off to the side. They are licking their gloved fingers. Each mascot has a visibly messy face. It can only mean one thing. One truly terrible, awful thing.

Guys. They ate Hazelnut.

“You ATE the new spokescandy?!”

This is the question the stunned announcer asks the colorful crew. Each member of the M&M’S team is guilty as charged.

Blue and Green’s eyes widen.

Red attempts to whistle the accusation away.

Yellow has the audacity to insist that they didn’t eat all of Hazelnut because the shoes and gloves are still on stage.

Orange actually tries to inch his way off the stage. We see ya, pal. We see ya.

The only character that can’t be blamed for nibbling away at one of their own? Ms. Brown. Standing off to the side with her hands on her hips and eyes rolling, it’s safe to say she probably warned everyone against eating Hazelnut. Nobody listened to her, and look where we are now.

Maybe there’s still a chance we can get the Hazelnut Spread icon back on the assembly line? If Game of Thrones could bring Jon Snow back to life (no longer a spoiler at this point), then surely Mars Chocolate, and the BBDO creatives, can resurrect Hazelnut. This flavor still needs its own icon!


  1. I love M&M’s. After my last cancer I had to give them up because of radiation reducing my saliva, chocolate is just too drying. Then I discovered Hazelnut. Wow! I was able again to enjoy my M&M’s. Now I can’t find that flavor. Please bring Hazelnut back so I can again enjoy my favorite candy!


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