The biggest blockbuster of the summer isn’t part of the Marvel or Jurassic Park franchise. “Death Road,” a new TV spot for Burger King France from agency Buzzman, is a heart-stopping, chest-pounding, apocalyptic thrill ride where a chicken and a cone of French fries finally come face to face for the ultimate fast food showdown.

Set in a Mad Max: Fury Road-esque desert landscape, we meet Le Poulet “The Chicken” and Les Frites “The Fries” as they square off in a dual to the death. A crispy fried demise, in this case. The Chicken squawks a little before revving his engine, sunglasses on and fuzzy dice in the mirror.

The Fries has ketchup and mustard bottles right next to his steering wheel, along with a salt shaker. As he revs up his engine, he dusts himself with the salt.

The pair put the petal to the metal and collide into one another. When they wake up, they’re in a medical tent and each wearing full body casts. (Somehow, that manages to work for The Fries.) A voiceover intones that we shouldn’t expect anything good from a chicken and fries encounter — unless you’re at Burger King. At Burger King France can you snack upon Chicken Fries, their chicken shaped like fries, but only until October 8th. Hit the road before they’re gone!


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