Sixty years ago, the world met a rabbit that had a problem. This rabbit didn’t like to eat carrots. He loved munching on Trix, the corn cereal with fruit flavors. It was the Trix Rabbit, a rabbit that loved Trix so much he could eat it for breakfast, lunch, and dinner.


However, children were always there to take the cereal away and remind him, “Silly rabbit. Trix are for kids!”

60 Years Of The Trix Rabbit

The Trix Rabbit celebrates his 60th anniversary in 2019. Over the last 60 years, our favorite silly rabbit has hopped to his plan to snag a bowl of Trix. As hard as he works to find clever ways to disguise himself, the kids are always one step ahead!

Let’s take a look at five times the Trix Rabbit was able to outsmart everyone and enjoy a bowl of his favorite cereal.

When Did The Trix Rabbit Get To Eat His Cereal?

1968: A Bowl At The Park


Wearing a hat and picking up litter at the park, the Trix Rabbit happened upon a picnic table with kids enjoying bowls of Trix cereal. When the kids aren’t watching, he snags their cereal box and hops away with it.

Alone at last with his favorite cereal filled with raspberry red, lemon yellow, and orange orange flavors! The Trix Rabbit’s first bite is so delicious; it makes his hat fly right off his head. The kids know the rabbit took their Trix! They tie him up against a tree and take their cereal back for themselves.

Yes, Trix are for kids. However, as the Trix Rabbit notes while using his ears to untie his rope ties, they’re also “sometimes for tricky rabbits!”

1976: Balloon Seller


In 1976, the Trix Rabbit rationalized that kids love balloons and he loves Trix. Maybe he can trade Trix for balloons? Once again, the Trix Rabbit is able to get his tasty bowl of Trix!

However, once again the rabbit gets way too excited for Trix. The balloons that allow him to dangle in the air float up and up until they pop on a tree branch. He lands on the ground and the kids discover they’ve been duped again. Better luck next time, silly rabbit!

1980: Tree House

This was a gamechanging year for the Trix Rabbit. He received an invitation to join kids in their tree house. They passed him a bowl to share their cereal.

The kids were sharing their cereal with the rabbit without expecting anything in return? Surely, this must be too good to be true. Even the Trix Rabbit is a skeptic, asking if it’s “trick a rabbit week.”

As it turns out, it was only a dream. It was also the first of a few commercials where the Trix Rabbit would dream of eating Trix and never get a bite of his own.

1987: Trix Land

Welcome to Trix Land, a magical place where “zillions” of other Trix Rabbits offer other silly rabbits bowls of fruity Trix!


Here, the breakfast tables have completely turned for our Trix Rabbit. He’s getting a bowl of Trix to savor from other Trix Rabbits!


What happens if a kid wants Trix? The rabbits crowd him, declaring, “Silly kid! Trix are for rabbits!”

It’s the perfect world for our beloved Trix Rabbit… and it’s also a perfect dream. The Trix Rabbit wakes up only to realize he was dreaming about Trix again. Oh well, a rabbit can dream!

1991: Tour de Trix

Will the Trix Rabbit cycle his heart out for Trix? Of course! In 1991, the Trix Rabbit participated in the Tour de Trix bicycle race in a two-part commercial spot. The grand prize was a silver bowl of Trix; a fruity delicious part of a complete breakfast, and this silly rabbit was serious about winning the race.

Once the cyclists were off to the races, the Trix Rabbit picked up steam after his helmet flew off his head. His floppy ears were free and filled with wind, propelling him to the finish line first. He won, and in part two of the commercial he scarfed down his first, whole bowl of Trix cereal. No dreams, no spoonfuls, the whole bowl.

“I’ll never be the same!” The Trix Rabbit gushed after he was done eating. The two-part Tour de Trix commercial is a favorite of Russell Horton, the voiceover actor who voiced the Trix Rabbit for years.

60 Years Of Trix!

Where will our favorite silly rabbit go next? Discover more in this fun infographic from General Mills. Cheers to the icon’s 60 years!


  1. I have been watch these commercials from the beginning. I have always enjoyed them. And trick are also for us over 70 years old,?just saying. Thank you Pastor Gene


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