Over the last few months, the GEICO Gecko’s adventures have been fairly docile. He’s been busy with work presentations and made his first (fiery) s’mores during a camping trip.

This October, the Gecko celebrates “Happy GEICOween!” in a new series of GEICO commercials from The Martin Agency. GEICOween may be the first time we’ve ever seen the Gecko spooked to be entering a home, too.

Chilling Discoveries Await Upstairs In The Attic…

The premise of this GEICOween commercial is fairly straightforward. A new homeowner takes the GEICO Gecko up to explore his new attic.

“It’s half the fun of a new house: seeing what people left behind in the attic,” the Gecko says.

Personally, the homeowner likes that he could save on homeowner’s insurance with GEICO. In fact, he may like that perk more than he does the prospect of peeking and peering around the dark attic.

The attic is quite dusty at first glance. It’s filled with old mementos left from past homeowners. One such memento is an old music box. It plays a haunting tune and has a small pop-up ballerina.

The Geico is immediately charmed, not alarmed by the music box. “Aw, it’s a tiny dancer!”

Lights On…

A chilling scene waits once the homeowner turns on the attic lights. Motionless mannequins are seen seated around a table. Some have their eyes closed. Others are missing bits of plaster from their faces. The music box continues to play in the background, adding to the creepy ambience of the scene.

How long has this mannequin setup been here, exactly? Both the homeowner and Gecko are speechless for a moment, unsure of what they have stumbled upon.

“Well,” the Gecko nervously stammers, “Enjoy your house!”

“Nope. No, thank you!” The homeowner firmly replies, stepping back from the creepy teatime ritual. He heads back down the stairs with the Gecko following closely behind.

Twist Ending

You’d think by the end of the commercial that the homeowner might leave his new house. However, extended footage of the spot reveals he returned to the attic to have tea with the mannequins. The homeowner even learned one of their names: Eleanor. The Gecko, however, did not accompany him back to the attic for teatime.



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