On March 9th, Kool-Aid tweeted that the brand’s beloved red pitcher, the Kool-Aid Man, had gone missing.

The above video showed the Kool-Aid Man in his kitchen mixing up a new Kool-Aid Recipe. Existing ingredients included “fun” and “extra Oh Yeah.” Only one more ingredient was necessary for the recipe, but it was missing from his mystery jar.

The Kool-Aid Man then did what he does best. He bellowed “OH YEAH!” and burst through his house to run far away from home. His mission? The Kool-Aid Man was going to find that missing ingredient no matter what.

Where Was The Kool-Aid Man?

Not much is known about where the Kool-Aid Man ran off to next. According to Twitter, he was spotted bursting through a sandcastle in Santa Monica, California. Fans continued to guess his location, along with the mystery flavor he was looking for, on the Kool-Aid Man Mystery website for a chance to win their grand prize sweepstakes.

The Kool-Aid Man Returns!

On April 6th, the Kool-Aid Man was found after wandering around Coney Island in New York. He made a safe return home again with the mystery flavor — cotton candy — in tow.

We’ll give him a pass for not practicing stay at home rules because he’s a big jug of drink mix and not a human being. Stay safe at home with your missing ingredient, Kool-Aid Man!


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